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Yoon Gye-sang and Baek Jin-hee

Jin-hee Baek and Gye-sang Yoon do Peppero game on High Kick 3

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 04:41PM EST

Actor Yoon Gye-sang and actress Baek Jin-hee seem to form a love line in ‘High Kick 3’.

Jo In-sung picked figure skater Yuna Kim as his ideal girlfriend

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 04:30PM EST

Out of 16 famous celebrities, Yuna Kim won actor Jo In-sung’s heart as his ideal girl

Super Star K Season 2 Jisoo Kim is starring in ‘Dream High 2’

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 02:57PM EST

Jisoo Kim is casted as the boy that only knows his guitar in 'Dream High 2'


After School's Ka-hee, Confirmed Casting In Dream High 2

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 11:27AM EST

After School member Ka-hee (Ka-hee Kim, 31) confirmed that she was casted as a member for 'Dream High 2' (script: Seong-Hye, director: Eung-bok Lee Wan-Il Mo).

Hong Kyung-min, Interest In Cheering On Brother Hong Geun-ha 'Brotherly Bond'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 10:46AM EST

Actor Geun-ha Hong revealed that singer Kyung-min Hong is his brother. At 2:30 AM on December 7, a press conference was held for MBC's part 2 drama 'I'm Alive' at MBC Dream Center in Il-san. At the press conference, the MC drew attention to Geun-ha Hong by revealing that Kyung-min Hong was his brother.


FNS Girl's Generation - the Seduction Begins

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:45AM EST

Japan has started to cheer as Girl's Generation seduces their fans.


JYJ Junsu Performs With Miss Koreas

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:28AM EST

In oder to see group JYJ's member Junsu Kim fans from all over have come.

Luna, Reveals Ambition "It's my first time acting but I will show you pleasant and tasteful acting"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:17AM EST

TV Cho-seon's 'Go-bong-shil Ah-joom-mah Goo-ha-gi' (Saving Lady Go-bong-shil - script: Eun-ryung Park, director: Sang-ho Yoon) held their production announcement conference on the afternoon of December 7, at the Grand Residence of 'Hilton South Sea Golf and Spa Resort Clubhouse' in Nam-he-gun, Gyeong-nam-do.


ChaeWon Moon Comforts GwangHee Hwang for his Mistake

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 10:03AM EST

ChaeWon Moon told us that she received more than 100 congratulatory texts after receiving New Comer Award at the Blue Dragon Movie Awards.


Jaebum Park's Look-Alike Appears on 'Big Serenade'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 09:38AM EST

Jaebum's look-alike has revealed himself. 24-year-old college student Young Jae Joo is that person.


'Young Gwang's Jane' Jang Woo Lee confesses "I Can't Survive Without Min Young Park" Despite Hard Slap!

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 09:08AM EST

Being scolded, even slapped, only creates deeper love for Jang Woo Lee.

Yoon Do-hyun

YB Yoon Do-hyun "I was jealous of Lee Juk, who debuted with me."

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.06.11 | 10:54PM EST

Rock band YB's singer Yoon Do-hyun revealed his story of envying Lee Juk. On a recent shoot of SBS' 'Strong Heart' Free Soul Special, Yoon Do-hyun exposed that "17 years ago, I was jealous of Lee Juk whom I debuted with."

'What's Up' Star Dae-sung, Startling Confession "I couldn't watch myself because I was so embarassed."

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.06.11 | 10:39PM EST

Dae-sung Kang caused laughter by saying that he was "embarassed" by his acting and could not bear to watch himself.

What's Up 2

'What's up' - "Please cheer on the musical campus drama, 'What's up'!"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.06.11 | 10:31PM EST

On the afternoon of December 6, on the 6th floor of Herritz Convention in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam Province, Seoul, a press conference was held to announce the production of 'What's up' - a weekend special drama for the TV station MBN.

Yoon Do-hyun's confession

YB Band Yoon Do-hyun says he “signed on the chest of a girl fan before”

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.06.11 | 07:15PM EST

Yoon Do-hyun was asked to sign the chest of a girl fan in America before.

Eunhyuk on SBS 'Strong Heart'

Super Junior Eun-hyuk displays SM Entertainment’s Good-looking vs. Dancing Machines

Stars on TV / Movies 12.06.11 | 06:59PM EST

Super Junior Eun-hyuk explains the different roads to SM Entertainment.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ Actress Chung-ah Lee saved the planet in past life?

Breaking News 12.06.11 | 06:40PM EST

Lee Chung-ah has much luck with guy actors in tvN drama 'Flower Boy Ramyun Shop'.

Yeon-hee Lee

Yeon-hee Lee has an amazing aura around her

Movies 12.06.11 | 02:23PM EST

Yeon-hee Lee uploaded a new picture on her mini-homepage, which mesmerized everyone.


'1 VS 100' Kwang Kyu Kim - "I will propose if I win!"

Breaking News 12.06.11 | 10:36AM EST

Actor Kwang Kyu Kim expresses his determination for marriage.


"Light and Shadow" Dambi Son Cheers On Sang Mi Nam

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.06.11 | 10:14AM EST

Dambi Son cheered up SangMi Nam who feels tension towards her fist performance.

'Wonderful Radio' Jung Jin Lee Shares Two Different Personalities

Stars on TV / Movies 12.06.11 | 10:02AM EST

Actor Jung Jin Lee shared his thoughts about his looks.

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