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G-Dragon childhood photo

G-Dragon’s Sweet Instagram Posts Prove That He’s A Mama’s Boy And Proud Of It!

Breaking News 04.12.17 | 04:12AM EDT

G-Dragon's recent Instagram posts show a different side to the BIG BANG leader as he shares his childhood letters to his mom. Latest concert "Mother's Womb" may be his ultimate love letter his mom this June.

Jo Hye Jung Posted On Instagram Account As She Joined The Jellyfish Entertainment

Jo Hye Jung Of 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo' Finally Found A New Home In Jellyfish Entertainment

Drama 04.12.17 | 04:05AM EDT

The “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo” actress finally found a new home in the entertainment industry as she joined the team of Jellyfish entertainment. She is widely known as the best friend of Bok-Joo in the television series.

Difference in Baekhyun's Skinny Jeans

Baekhyun's Weight Loss Is Attracting Attention Through His Skinny Jeans

SNS 04.13.17 | 08:31PM EDT

Fans were worried about Baekhyun's rapid weight loss.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park News: 'One Step' Star's Unique Beauty Mask, Elimination Via Death Note In Eventful Running Man Guesting

Breaking News 04.11.17 | 10:56AM EDT

Sandara Park returns to "Running Man" for the third time but it seems like the charm in her return came in the form of flours to the face and a chock full of funny betrayals.

BTS For Teen Choice Awards 2017

Will BTS Really Change Its Name To BTX?

Breaking News 04.11.17 | 10:56AM EDT

Fans are unsure whether they should believe a report that said that BTS will be changing its name to BTX to reach out to a wider world market.

'Running Man' Ep 347 filming with New Members accross 3 Countries

'Running Man' Newest Episode; Set To Cross Around Three Countries To Film And Introduce New Members

TV Spoilers 04.11.17 | 10:56AM EDT

The newest episode of the 'Running Man" will be filmed and will be joined with the newest member. It will be more fun and adventure as the newest episode will be released.

Rap Monster and The Chainsmokers

BTS News and Updates: Is a Rap Monster And The Chainsmokers Collaboration Happening Soon?

Breaking News 04.11.17 | 10:55AM EDT

A twitter interaction between BTS leader Rap Monster and The Chainsmokers has sparked the interest of fans for the artists to work together on an epic collaboration.

Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won Confirmed To Join All-Star Cast For Korean Version of 'Criminal Minds'

K-Drama 04.11.17 | 05:21AM EDT

"Scarlet Heart Ryeo" star Lee Joon Gi and "The Good Doctor" actress Moon Chae Won have reportedly accepted roles for tVN's "Criminal Minds" Korean remake and joins veteran actors like Jo Hyun Joo, Lee Sun Bin, Kim Young-chul, Yoo Sun, and Ko Yoon in the final cast.

IU's 4th studio album

IU's 'Through The Night' Gets Perfect All-Kill For 2 Consecutive Weeks

Music 04.11.17 | 10:56AM EDT

IU's comeback single achieved all-kill for two consecutive weeks.

The Cast Of The

'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' Update: Reward Vacation For The Top Rating Television Series Revealed

Drama 04.11.17 | 02:26AM EDT

Later this week, the said casts and crews for the 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' was given a reward vacation. The casts and crews are excited to tour around Bali.

Gong Yoo

‘Goblin’ Star Gong Yoo Popularity Ablaze Makes It To CNN

Trending News 04.10.17 | 11:28PM EDT

The lead actor of 'Goblin' Gong Yoo interviewed by CNN "Talk Asia" later this month. The said interview is expected to air last week of April.


Youtubers React To BgA's Parody Video 'Who's It Gonna Be' And Were Surprisingly Impressed With The MV

Trending News 04.10.17 | 05:56AM EDT

American and Korean youtubers reacted to parody group BgA or Boys Generally Asian's second music video "Who's It Gonna Be" and were surprisingly impressed with the song and the accuracy of the parody.


Sandara Park and G-Dragon News: Sandara Sends Park Sohyun A Ton Of G-Dragon Merchandise; Fans Tickled Pink Over Sandara, G-Dragon Connection

Buzz 04.10.17 | 05:52AM EDT

"One Step" star Sandara Park sends radio host Park Sohyun with a ton of G-Dragon merchadise as shippers see new hope for Daragon and Nyongdal ship to sail.

Lee Min Ho

No More Delays In Enlistments As Government Orders Military Manpower Administration To Take Over All Celebrity Enlistments

Breaking News 04.10.17 | 05:53AM EDT

In order to address delayed enlistments due to entertainment commitments, the government has amended the Military Enlistment Act so that all celebrity enlistments now have to go through the Military Manpower Administration. Entertainment agencies were furnished with the letter recently.

2PM 6 Nights Concert

2PM Will Hold '6 Nights' Concert Again On June 2; JYP Assures That Jun.K Is Recovering And Will Join The Concert

Breaking News 04.10.17 | 09:23AM EDT

Jun.K continues to receive therapy for injuries he suffered from falling off a platform during the first set of "6 Nights" concert but JYP assures that he will be 100 percent recovered by June.

BTS Video Game

BTS News: Gaming Company Develops BTS-Inspired Game To Bring K-pop Group Closer To International Fans: Fan-made Demo Now Available Online

Breaking News 04.10.17 | 09:23AM EDT

A small gaming studio has developed a demo for a vdeo game inspired by BTS members, music and concepts. Aeon Dream Studios has released partial demo of the game but won't continue with development of actual game without consent from Big Hit Entertainment.

Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo

'Descendants Of The Sun 2' Confirmed; Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki Wedding Too Soon

Gossips 04.10.17 | 05:54AM EDT

The Descendants of the Sun 2 is a much-awaited TV Series of all time it's the sequel of the "Descendants of the Sun' wherein Song-Song tandem arises and gone viral all over the internet. The latter will reveal the real score between the much awaited Kdrama and the real score between their wedding.

Lee Min ho, Suzy Bae Argued Over Song Hye Kyo’s Possible ‘The Heirs 2’ Involvement

‘The Heirs 2’ Update: Stars Lee Min Ho And Song Hye Kyo Tandem Confirmed, Suzy Bae Got Jealous?

Trending News 04.10.17 | 05:53AM EDT

Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo will lead the upcoming "The Heirs 2", the said sequel will be revealed later this year. The Superstar's girlfriend Suzy Bae fired up.

Hyeri Gets Pranked On Mnet's TV Show

Hyeri & Dream T Entertainment Gets Pranked On ‘The New Yang Nam Show’

TV Spoilers 04.07.17 | 04:56AM EDT

Mnet's "The New Yang Nam Show" has made Hyeri believed that she won 20 million KRW from a lottery ticket.


WATCH: Dreamcatcher Drops Horror Concept Rock Video 'Goodnight' And Makes Nightmares Come True

Breaking News 04.07.17 | 04:55AM EDT

Dreamcatcher releases their horror concept video "Goodnight" and impresses fans with a difference from other groups.

Minzy UNO

2NE1 News: Park Bom Post Supportive Message On Minzy's Instagram For Her Upcoming Solo Album

Breaking News 04.07.17 | 04:53AM EDT

Park Bom recently left a supportive comment on Minzy's post to promote her upcoming album, proving that 2NE1 members remain good friends despite group's disbandment last year.

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