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CL and Park Bom at One Step premiere

'One Step' Premiere: 2NE1 CL, Park Bom Support Sandara's Debut Movie; Dara's Rumored Boyfriend G-Dragon A No Show?

Breaking News 03.30.17 | 09:23AM EDT

The "One Step" premiere was a star-studded event led by 2NE1's CL and Park Bom, along with other artists from music and film.


Nana Singled Out to Remain as Main Endorser of DHC For The Fourth Year

Gossips 03.30.17 | 08:46AM EDT

Nana has once again renewed her advertising contract with DHC as the main endorser of the cosmetics brand for DHC Korea and singled out as its model for 2017.

Fox 4 blunder Rat Monster

BTS News: Fox 4 Apologizes For Blunder Calling BTS Leader 'Rat Monster' Amid Tirade From Offended ARMY

Breaking News 03.30.17 | 04:33AM EDT

Fox 4 recently made a mistake when it posted BTS' interview but mispelled Rap Monster as Rat Monster and was bombarded by tirades by the BTS Army.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day's Yura Has The Most Alcohol Tolerance, Reveals Hyeri During Showcase for 'Everyday #5'

Entertainment 03.29.17 | 01:05PM EDT

Girl's Day's Hyeri reveals on 'Everyday #5' showcase that member Yura has the most alcohol tolerance among the group.

TWICE members showed their faces without maekup to greet fans goodnight.

TWICE's Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jungyeon Showed Their Bare Faces Without Makeup To Greet Fans Goodnight

Music 03.30.17 | 12:44PM EDT

Three members of TWICE showed their faces without makeup on "Naver V App Live Broadcast" to greet fans. Read more about their interaction with fans here!

Red Velvet

Red Velvet in Thailand To Shoot New Reality Show? Seulgi & I.O.I's Somi Cast For New KBS Show

Music 03.30.17 | 11:08AM EDT

Red Velvet is currently in Thailand for a fan meeting event when member Irene revealed that they too are in the country to shoot for a reality show.

Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook Exposes Insights About His Heinous Character In OCN’s 'Voice'

Gossips 03.29.17 | 06:31AM EDT

Kim Jae Wook tells all about what he felt when portraying a role in "Voice."

Yoo Jae Suk, Dok2 and Lee Hi

‘Dok2 28th Birthday Celebration: Yoo Jae Suk And Lee Hi Startled Dok2 by Showing Up At 1llionaire Concert

Music 03.29.17 | 01:01PM EDT

Yoo Jae Suk And Lee Hi surprised Rapper Dok2 by making a sudden appearance at "Dok2 28th Birthday Celebration Concert With 1llionaire Ambition" in Mar. 25.


MONSTA X Debuts #1 At Billboard World Albums Chart; 'Beautiful' Practice Video Released By Starship

Breaking News 03.29.17 | 04:32AM EDT

MONSTA X debuts #1 at Billboard World Albums Chart and beats its own record from previous albums.

Won Bin

Won Bin Comeback News: 'Ajusshi' Star In Talks To Star In 'Still Life' Korean Remake After 7-Year Hiatus

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.29.17 | 03:04AM EDT

Won Bin is reportedly considering returning to film with the Korean remake of British film "Still Life" after a seven-year hiatus


BIG BANG News: T.O.P Completes Training And Is Now A Bona Fide Policeman

Breaking News 03.29.17 | 03:05AM EDT

After completing his training in Nonsan and Byukjae, BIG BANG's T.O.P will be serving the remainder of his mandatory service as a police officer.

Jung Eun Ji

Jung Eun Ji of Apink Suffers Minor Back Injury at “K-PLUS CONCERT” in Hanoi, Vietnam

Gossips 03.29.17 | 03:02AM EDT

Jung Eun Ji of Apink suffered a minor back injury while performing at the "K-PLUS CONCERT" in Hanoi, Vietnam.

'Reply 1988' Cast

'Reply 1988' Cast Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo & Ahn Jae Hong Have Mini-Reunion At Ryu Joon Yeol's New Home

Breaking News 03.29.17 | 03:01AM EDT

"Reply 1988" cast members Ryu Joon Yeol, Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo, and Ahn Jae Hong recently had a mini reunion at Ryu Joon Yeol's new home proving that their friendship remains strong long after the drama is over.


BGA the Satire K-Pop Group Created by YouTube Sensation Ryan Higa and Friends Hits Number One on K-Pop Charts

Music 03.28.17 | 11:22PM EDT

Boys Generally Asian or popularly known as BGA, a satire created by Ryan Higa a well-known YouTuber, released their second song "Who's It Gonna Be" that instantly topped the K-pop ranking that even surpassed among others, songs released by Monsta X, GOT7, and BTS.

CL and G-Dragon

Sandara Park & G-Dragon Dating: Sandara & G-Dragon Attend Bajowoo Exhibit; 'One Step' Actress Describes G-Dragon As Her Ideal Type?

Breaking News 03.28.17 | 11:22PM EDT

Shippers of Sandara Park and G-Dragon believe that a leaked excerpt of Sandara Park's interview of her describing her ideal man was intended for G-Dragon. Fans also believe that the two met up at Bajowoo's "Punk in Britian + Our Nation" exhibit after CL posted a selfie with GD and she was spotted in the event with Sandara.

The Actor Philanthropist

The Korean Actor Who Donates A Huge Sum To UNICEF’s World Water Day Campaign

Entertainment 03.28.17 | 10:14AM EDT

You don't have this kind of guy in other showbiz industry. “Legend of the Blue Sea” actor Lee Min Ho has recently donated a generous amount in celebration of World Water Day.

Korean Rapper Fails To Attend Important Ceremony

Why T.O.P Failed To Attend An Important Ceremony

Entertainment 03.28.17 | 10:12AM EDT

In order to begin his obligatory military service, Big Bang Band member T.O.P exited the South Korean music and entertainment industry for the time being. Unfortunately, the Korean pop star seems to have faced with health problems that caused him to miss the army ceremony.


B.A.P Conclude the Seoul Leg of 'B.A.P 2017 World Tour 'Party Baby!' That Also Attracted International Fans

Music 03.28.17 | 09:55AM EDT

B.A.P held last Mar.26 concert that has successfully wrapped up the Seoul leg of their "B.A.P 2017 World Tour 'Party Baby!" that attracted fans not just from Korea but also from Japan, China, Thailand, and France.

Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah Together in New Drama

Why These Actors Are Dubbed Top Favorite Korean Stars

Entertainment 03.28.17 | 10:07AM EDT

According to a survey conducted by the Korea Creative Content Agency among Korean Wave Fans settling in United States entitled the lead of “City Hunter,” Lee Min Ho and the lead of “Doctors,” Park Shin Hye as the preeminent South Korean star of these days.


BTS News: Rap Monster Thanks ARMY For Helping BTS' Message, Music Spread To Global Audience

Breaking News 03.28.17 | 09:47AM EDT

BTS leader Rap Monster credited the efforts of their fans in translating their music and interviews to convey the message of BTS' music and feelings on a global scale.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Split: A Love Triangle Affair Involving Emma Stone?

Entertainment 03.28.17 | 09:37AM EDT

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have broken apart after the couple have been together for around six years, and the split up is because of actress Emma Stone

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