Park Bom Gotta Be You Halloween Costume 4

Fans Celebrate Park Bom's Birthday With Hashtag #ParkBomHasBloomed While Waiting For 2NE1 Comeback

Hot Issues 03.24.15 | 08:57AM EDT

The 2NE1 vocalist took a hiatus from the entertainment industry in 2014, and 2NE1 has remained out of the spotlight ever since.

Another fancam featuring EXID has gone viral.

New EXID Fancam Goes Viral Again Featuring No Backing Vocals [VIDEO]

Trends 03.19.15 | 09:48AM EDT

After their sudden rise due to the now iconic fancam video, another fancam featuring EXID has gone viral for very different reasons.

EXO Tao Exodus

EXO Comeback Confirmed For March 30, Promotions Begin With Mysterious Twitter Account And Kai, Tao Teaser Videos

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.19.15 | 08:56AM EDT

The idol group also announced their comeback date for the end of this month.

red velvet

SM Entertainment Begins Plans For Red Velvet's Fanclub While Fans Wonder About f(x)

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.19.15 | 09:03AM EDT

f(x) fans and Red Velvet fans alike protested against the apparent decision to give the newer group a fanclub prior to the longer running group.


Korea's Dream Concert 2015 Becomes Worldwide Trending Topic On Twitter After Artist Lineup Is Announced

Concert / Event 03.18.15 | 09:05AM EDT

EXO, SHINee, 4Minute, GOT7, Red Velvet, SISTAR, INFINITE, VIXX and more were announced as performers for the 2015 Dream Concert.

video still from Gain's

Ga In's 'Paradise Lost' At The Center Of 2 Choreography Debates

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.17.15 | 09:04AM EDT

The dance for her comeback song is under attack for allegedly copying choreography and has also been called visual "porn."

baekhyun heechul mommy bird baby bird

K-Pop Fans Reportedly Write More Fanfiction Than Most Fans

Hot Issues 03.16.15 | 06:27AM EDT

K-pop is the fourth most written about topic by fanfiction writers, according to a Vulture report, coming in behind international music groups One Direction and 5 Second of Summer.

EXO at EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion Press Conference

Seoul Sees Boom In Hotel Industry Thanks To EXO Concerts

Concert / Event 03.16.15 | 08:02AM EDT

Fans of SM Entertainment's idol group are flocking to South Korea's capital.

EXO, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, FTISLAND, CNBLUE Members Attend Unveiling of K-Pop Star Road

EXO, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, FTISLAND And CNBLUE Members Attend Unveiling Of Gangnam's K-Pop Star Road

Concert / Event 03.12.15 | 09:40AM EDT

South Korea's 'Road of Stars' unveiling ceremony included appearances by several top Korean idols.


Billboard Explores What It Would Take For A K-Pop Girl Group To Make It In The U.S.

Trends 03.12.15 | 09:26AM EDT

In order to be a success, girl groups need to retain their uniqueness, let each member shine, and ultimately select the right single.

JYP Entertainment artists

JYP Entertainment Experiences Increase In Profits Ahead Of New Boy Band Debut

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.12.15 | 08:50AM EDT

Net profit soared to US$7 million in 2014. Could 2015 prove just as bright with a new male group looking to debut in April?

Donghae & Eunhyuk

Super Junior's Donghae & Eunhyuk Swarm iTunes Charts Across Asia With 'The Beat Goes On'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.10.15 | 08:57AM EDT

The music video for "Growing Pains" also surpassed 1 million views within a week of its release.

EXO 10 Members

EXO 2015 Comeback [UPDATE]: SM Entertainment Currently In Negotiations With Music Program Officials For Album Release Later This Month

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.09.15 | 05:29PM EDT

EXO fans may have to wait a few more weeks before the group makes their official 2015 comeback. After much speculation, and a concert that unveiled several new songs from the upcoming second studio album, SM Entertainment has released a statement regarding the schedule for EXO's comeback promotions.

Busker Busker’s Unique Journey in the Music World

Spring In Korea Means The Resurgence Of Busker Busker's 2012 Hit 'Cherry Blossom Ending'

Trends 03.09.15 | 08:43AM EDT

The spring anthem has been given the nickname 'zombie song' as its popularity rises and it returns to the K-pop music charts every year as the seasons change in South Korea.

EXID Attends The 4th Gaon Chart Kpop Awards

Busy Schedule Forces EXID To Postpone New Single Release Until Mid-April

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.06.15 | 01:51PM EST

Fans must wait one more month for the 'UP & DOWN' singers' fresh comeback.

Kris Wu, former member of EXO

SM Entertainment Reports Record Breaking Sales In China During 2014 Despite Lawsuits From Chinese EXO Members Kris And Luhan

Scandals 03.06.15 | 09:27AM EST

Despite having a seemingly rough 2014, SM Entertainment had its biggest year yet in terms of revenue - an estimated 287 billion Won ($261 million USD) in total sales last year, according to a recent report.


Masta Wu Hints At Big Bang-Kush Collaboration With Instagram Update

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.02.15 | 08:58AM EST

YG Entertainment has neither confirmed nor denied a collaboration among the label's artists.

EXO 10 Members

Korean Investment Analyst Predicts Two New Groups From SM Entertainment In 2015

Trends 02.27.15 | 09:01AM EST

With a lineup of aging idols and several scandals within the company's biggest groups last year, one financial analyst expects SM Entertainment will debut new groups to maintain their competitive edge.

BuzzFeed asks Americans to pronounce K-pop idol names

BuzzFeed Asks Americans To Try Pronouncing K-Pop Idol Names

Hot Issues 02.23.15 | 09:26AM EST

Big Bang's G-Dragon, 2NE1's CL, EXO's Chanyeol, and 2PM's Ok Taecyeon are just some of the star names on the cutting block in a new BuzzFeed video.

Is it time for Minzy to have a solo?

2NE1 Fans Urge For Minzy To Go Solo After Recent Instagram Dance Videos

Trends 02.11.15 | 01:56PM EST

As the only 2NE1 member who's not yet had solo activities, is it time for Gong Minji to shine?

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