Minzy Receives Outpouring Of Support After News Of 2NE1 Departure

Trends 04.05.16 | 09:27PM EDT

Minzy might be leaving 2NE1 but most fans will be supporting and cheering her on.

GFriend's Agency CEO Says Sexy Concepts Are Out Of The Question, 'GFriend Will Never Do A Sexy Concept.'

Source Music CEO Says GFriend 'Will Never Do A Sexy Concept'

Trends 03.13.16 | 10:20PM EDT

Sexualized styling is out of the question for the popular K-pop girl group, according to a recent interview with Source Music CEO So Sung Jin.

music downloads

South Korean Government Cracks Down On Bulk Music Sales To Prevent Chart Manipulation

Trends 03.08.16 | 11:46AM EST

The law should dissuade bulk purchasing as a means of chart manipulation but might also hurt international fans that engage in group purchases.

 Global R&B Star Jeff Bernat Chooses Asian Entertainment And Signs With Brown Eyed Soul's Agency

Influx Of International Stars Touring And Working On Projects In Korea

Trends 03.07.16 | 08:51AM EST

Stars from all over the world have been flocking to South Korea for tours and promotional activities in recent months.

Jinusean Sean (Noh Seung Hwan)

Jinusean's Sean And Wife Celebrate A Decade Of Charity Work Together

Trends 03.01.16 | 11:22AM EST

The K-pop star has led the charge for other celebrities to give back and with the help of his wife, proves a family that works together, stays together.

Cosmic Girls Group Teaser Image

Chinese Companies Increase Investments In Korean Entertainment

Trends 03.01.16 | 11:29AM EST

The Hallyu Wave is as strong as ever with other Asian markets begin to open their businesses to the Korean entertainment industry.

EXO's EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion In Chicago - February 19, 2016

Teen Vogue Suggests EXO, BTS And UNIQ As Replacement Options For One Direction Fans

Trends 02.29.16 | 08:55AM EST

Can these three K-pop boy bands fill the One Direction-shaped hole in fans' hearts?

BIGBANG's G-Dragon Attends Airbnb & Superstar Project

G-Dragon, Siwon, YoonA Make Forbes Magazine's Debut '30 Under 30 In Asia' List

Trends 02.29.16 | 09:06AM EST

The three K-pop stars were some of the most influential people on the publication's first Asian 30 Under 30 list.

EXO AT EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion In New York  - February, 21 2016 [PHOTOS]

EXO Named The Nation's Top Celebrity On Forbes Korea While Other Hallyu Stars Rank In '30 Under 30'

Trends 02.26.16 | 10:48AM EST

The ranking also included 'Reply 1988' star Hyeri, Big Bang leader G-Dragon, Kim Soo Hyun and Super Junior's Siwon.


G-Friend Continue To Sweep Network Music Shows

Music Show / Music Chart 02.26.16 | 10:52AM EST

The song may be "Rough," but these girls are definitely smooth sailing with over a dozen music show wins to their credit.

YG Family concert

The Hallyu Wave Hits Russia As K-Culture Fans Aim To Spread All Things Korean

Hot Issues 02.25.16 | 08:38AM EST

Russian K-pop fans have organized their own Korean culture group.

Luna gayageum

Korean YouTuber's Gayageum Version Of Jimi Hendrix's 'Voodoo Chile' Resurfaces With Viral Success

Trends 02.28.16 | 12:28PM EST

From time to time, Luna Lee mesmerizes viewers with impressive cover song performanced on an traditional Korean stringed instrument.

SEVENTEEN [Adore U] at SBS MTV 'THE SHOW All About K-pop'

Who Is The Target Audience For K-Pop's Mega Idol Groups?

Trends 02.23.16 | 12:31PM EST

Korean pop groups keep getting larger and larger, some with more than a dozen members, but for whom?

JYJ's Jaejoong To Hold Japan Concert... As A Hologram

Are Hologram Concerts The Next Big Thing For K-Pop?

Trends 02.25.16 | 10:53AM EST

More frequently all around Asia, fans are turning out in droves to see Korean pop stars appear in holographic performances.

Press Conference of KBS2TV Drama 'Moorim School' - Jan 6, 2016 [PHOTOS]

Popularity Of K-Pop And K-Dramas In Cuba Prompts Government-Sponsored Competition

Trends 02.17.16 | 12:18PM EST

Fans in Cuba want to learn Korean after watching dramas and listening to K-pop.

NearlySeniorCitizen Bursts Into Tears Watching VIXX

VIXX's 'Error' Receives Emotional Reaction From YouTuber NearlySeniorCitizen

Trends 02.12.16 | 12:21PM EST

The U.S. Air Force veteran burst into tears mid-way through his K-pop reaction video.

Why Did Stellar's 17 Million View Fancam Not Gain Momentum Like EXID?

Why Did Stellar's 17 Million View Fan-Cam Not Gain Momentum Like EXID's 'Up & Down'?

Trends 02.10.16 | 12:07AM EST

Although the two videos have similar view counts, EXID received much more viral success.

WINNER in the studio

WINNER On iKON, The Making Of 'EXIT: E' And Plans For Future 'EXIT' EPs: '3 More Albums Will Come Out' Vocalist Seungyoon Reveals

Trends 02.03.16 | 08:36PM EST

For WINNER fans loving the five-member K-pop boy band's new EP, "EXIT: E," released on Monday, the group has a message for you--it's only the beginning.


Chinese Investors Pump Billions Into South Korea's Booming Music Industry

Trends 01.28.16 | 11:36AM EST

Chinese companies are reportedly investing billions of Korean won into K-pop agencies such as FNC Entertainment, which manages popular groups like CNBLUE and AOA.

Girl's Day's Hyeri

'The List 2016' Names 5 K-Pop Stars With Most Earning Potential This Year

Hot Issues 01.26.16 | 11:41AM EST

These multifaceted Korean celebrities have a big, productive year ahead of them.

Lovelyz at MBC Music Show Champion

Studying To Be A K-Pop Star? Korean Students Shift Career Aspirations To The Arts

Trends 01.26.16 | 11:26AM EST

A recent poll found that more students wanted to be entertainers than pursue professional careers.

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