Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo Puts Aside Her Casual ‘Running Man’ Image At Fan Meeting & Latest Photo Shoot With Grazia

Variety 05.24.17 | 08:52AM EDT

Song Ji Hyo looks fabulous and classy in a recent photo shoot with fashion magazine Grazia. The "Running Man" member was also spotted sporting the same style for a fan meeting event to promote a cosmetic brand she's endorsing.

'Produce 101' Season Two Episode 7 Result

Variety 05.22.17 | 05:31PM EDT

On the seventh episode of "Produce 101" season two, the winners for each position were revealed. Check it out!

Zion.T revealed his wish to gain weight on

Zion.T Revealed His Wish To Gain Weight On 'Radio Star'

Variety 05.22.17 | 10:03AM EDT

Zion.T just made an appearance as a guest on "Radio Star" and he said he wanted to gain weight. Check it out!

TWICE members showed different reactions after tasting the smelliest food in South Korea.

TWICE Members Showed Different Reactions After Tasting The Smelliest Food In South Korea

Variety 05.21.17 | 05:10PM EDT

TWICE members just made their appearance on “Baek Jong Won's Top 3 Chefs." They showed different reactions after tasting the fermented fish.

24 Trainees will be cut off from

'Produce 101' Season 2 Will Conduct The Second Elimination Cutting Off 24 Trainees

Variety 05.17.17 | 04:47PM EDT

There will be the second elimination on "Produce 101" season two. 24 Trainees will be cut off from the show.

Son Dam Bi wants to lose weight when she is already skinny.

Son Dam Bi Wants To Lose More Weight Even Though She Is Already Thin

Variety 05.18.17 | 12:25PM EDT

Son Dam Bi just appeared on "Stargam 2." She revealed she wanted to lose weight. Netizens are worried about her health because she is already skinny.

Seven trainees with debut experience on

Seven Trainees With Debut Experience Who Join 'Produce 101' Season Two

Variety 05.16.17 | 07:37AM EDT

Among 26 trainees that have debut experience in "Produce 101," seven trainees stand out the most. Check it out here!

JTBC's 'Ask Us Anything' Broke Previous Rating Record With Psy Guest

Variety 05.16.17 | 06:42AM EDT

Psy made his first appearance in a variety show after five years on "Ask Us Anything." It broke the highest rating record of the show.

Minzy On KBS

Minzy Reveals Having No Memories of Her School Days In Recent 'Unnie's Slam Dunk 2' Episode

Variety 05.13.17 | 11:32AM EDT

Minzy revealed during the May 12 episode of "Unnie's Slam Dunk 2" that she has no memory of her school days because she was set on becoming an idol.

YoonA on 'Let's Eat Dinner Together'

YoonA Shows How Cool She Handles Multiple Rejection During 'Let's Eat Dinner Together' Episode

Variety 05.12.17 | 11:56AM EDT

Girl's Generation's YoonA showed how much of a sweet person she as she handles multiple rejections on "Let's Eat Dinner Together" episode aired on May 10.

Kim Jong Kook had a health problem after eating too much protein.

Kim Jong Kook Revealed He Had A Health Problem On 'Let's Go'

Variety 05.12.17 | 03:22PM EDT

Kim Jong Kook went to Vietnam with his mother. He revealed he got health problem after eating too much protein.

'Running Man'

‘Running Man’ In Danger Of Cancellation Following Casts’ Inappropriate Behaviors During Broadcast

Variety 05.10.17 | 12:06PM EDT

"Running Man" is once again under fire following Korean's communication committee's decision to review the show. Now, the SBS show is facing the risk of being canceled.

Minzy On KBS

Minzy Shares What It Feels Like To Miss Out A Lot Of Childhood Moments

Variety 05.08.17 | 08:26AM EDT

On the latest episode of "Sister's Slam Dunk 2" Minzy reveals she had to miss a lot of childhood moments to focus on her training.

Lee Hyori

Celebrities Are Excited To Participate In Lee Hyori’s Upcoming Reality Show ‘Hyori’s Home Stay’

Variety 05.05.17 | 03:46PM EDT

"Hyori's Home Stay" producer reveals celebrities are filing applications to take part in the upcoming JTBC reality show. However, he's afraid that they won't be able to blend in with regular participants.

Han Hyo Joo wanted to be called again as the guest on

Actress Han Hyo Joo Wanted To Be A Guest Again On '2 Days & 1 Night'

Variety 05.04.17 | 03:27PM EDT

The actress wanted to appear again as the guest on variety show "2 Days & 1 Night." Check it out here!

Kim Jong Kook,

Kim Jong Kook Receives Backlash For Pointing Out Preference On Women, “Running Man” Viewership Ratings Hit Rock Bottom

Variety 05.04.17 | 01:37PM EDT

There's a lot of things going on in "Running Man", and mostly it's not a good thing. After controversy with the new lineup, "Running Man" member, Kim Jong Kook sparks another controversy due to his sexist remarks.

Hong Jin Young was happy being chosen as a rapper in Unnies'

Hong Jin Young's Dream Finally Came True For Being A Rapper In Unnies' 'Right?'

Variety 04.29.17 | 11:45AM EDT

Hong Jin Young shed in tears of joy for being chosen as rapper in Unnies' "Rihgt?" Check it out here!

We Got Married - Apink's Bomi, Choi Tae Joon

'We Got Married' Cancellation: MBC To Replace Long-Running Series With Fresh Concept Show

Breaking News 04.28.17 | 10:23PM EDT

After almost a decade on air "We Got Married" may finally have its curtain call this May as the show will be replaced by an entertainment-based show.

'Running Man'

'Running Man' Cast Shares Mixed Feelings About Gary's Marriage; Shows Their Love For Former Castmate

Breaking News 04.28.17 | 03:54AM EDT

The "Running Man" cast admitted that they were caught unaware of former cast member Kang Gary's surprise wedding announcement. In a recent interview, they shared their honest feelings about their friend's recent marriage.

Top Three Of Best Double Speed Dance By Idol Groups Chosen By 'Weekly Idol'

Variety 04.27.17 | 05:43PM EDT

Celebrating 300th episode of "Weekly Idol," the show chose top best three of double speed dance. Check out the list here!

Song Ji Hyo On Gary's Marriage

Song Ji Hyo Wants Gary To Call Her; 'Running Man' Members Were Disappointed With Gary’s Secret Wedding

Variety 04.27.17 | 05:55AM EDT

Song Ji Hyo and "Running Man" members expressed their disappointment with Gary's secret marriage during a fan meeting in Malaysia.

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