Did Blush Beat SNSD In A Fair Match Up?

Headlines 02.21.12 | 07:12PM EST

Some similarities, some differences. Which hold more weight?

Kpop Arrived On American Soil Long Before SNSD Did Last Monday

Headlines 02.03.12 | 08:25PM EST

Kanye West, Flo Rida, and Omarion did some things to help set this one up. Guess what? It worked.


Exclusive: Kpopstarz Was There When Girls' Generation Arrived At Letterman Show

Headlines 01.31.12 | 03:59PM EST

Here's what the scene was like!


Rapper San E Reveals A Message From Wondergirls Yoobin

Etc 01.28.12 | 09:25PM EST

Rapper San E revealed a handwritten message from Wondergirls' member Yoobin. The two are under the same company, JYP.

There's A Reason Why They Call Them The Wonder Girls

Headlines 01.25.12 | 02:37PM EST

Can someone explain how America missed this and still wonders if kpop will work here?

TOP POP ALBUM: “The Boys”, Girls’ Generation Worldwide Week Of January 17th

Headlines 01.24.12 | 12:26PM EST

Girls' Generation can't be stopped, but with music so great, who could even try?

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