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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield Hints Breakup With Girlfriend Emma Stone? ''99 Homes' Actor Admits He's Not Okay

Trending News 10.03.15 | 09:10PM EDT

Is "Amazing Spider-Man" actor Andrew Garfield unraveling? Does this have to do with the breakup rumor after his girlfriend, Emma Stone, was hooking up with Ryan Gosling while filming "La La Land?"

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Should Andrew Garfield Be Worried About Emma Stone And Her 'La La Land' Co-Star Ryan Gosling?

Trending News 09.27.15 | 11:38PM EDT

The breakup rumors surrounding Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone turned out to be false, but if the new rumor is to be believed, the two lovebirds are going to part ways for good.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone, Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Prove All Is Well As They Eat Lunch Is LA

Trending News 09.02.15 | 10:35PM EDT

"Amazing Spider-Man" stars Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield proved that their relationship is still strong as they were snapped eating a romantic lunch in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Emma Stone Shows Big Smile On Date With Andrew Garfield Proving Breakup News Untrue

Trending News 08.02.15 | 09:02PM EDT

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been the subject of breakup rumors but the couple proved once again that their relationship is still very strong.

Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield's Girlfriend Emma Stone Gets Praises From Woody Allen; Actress Pulls Another Chic Style

Trending News 07.25.15 | 09:30PM EDT

Woody Allen is known to have her own favorites when it comes to hiring actresses for his films, it seems Andrew Garfield's girlfriend Emma Stone is his latest muse.

Actress Emma Stone attends the premiere of Sony Pictures Classics' 'Irrational Man' at the Writer Guild of America Theatre on July 9, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Emma Stone Gains Weight After Andrew Garfield Break Up? ‘Aloha’ Actress Struggled To Put On Pounds In The Past

Trending News 07.22.15 | 03:47PM EDT

Emma Stone just appeared for an interview on "Conan," where talked about her new obsession with K-pop. But we had another obsession on our minds: Emma Stone's figure. The gorgeous and talented actress looked like she had put on a few pounds, following her break up with boyfriend Andrew Garfield and last year's struggle with her weight loss.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone Defends Cameron Crowe's Casting In 'Aloha;' Andrew Garfield's Girlfriend Opens Up About K-Pop Obsession

Trending News 07.18.15 | 10:56PM EDT

Emma Stone defended Cameron Crowe for the casting choice in "Aloha" even as Andrew Garfield's girlfriend admitted that she's become "the butt of many jokes."

Emma Stone

Emma Stone Prefers To Keep Relationship With Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Personal; 'Birdman' Star Talks About Infamous Paper Bag Bearing Actor's Name

Trending News 07.09.15 | 09:34PM EDT

Emma Stone broke her silence on the persistent rumors about her supposed breadk up with "Amazing Spider-Man" co-star Andrew Garfield, and that they recently reunited.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone Unmindful Of Asian Backlash Controversy As Actress Giggles With Boyfriend Andrew Garfield While Doing Grocery

Trending News 06.15.15 | 08:26PM EDT

Emma Stone's casting as part Asian in Cameron Crowe's latest film has drawn controversy but the actress seemed unaffected as she was spotted grocery shopping with boyfriend Andrew Garfield in Los Angeles on June 8.

Emma Stone Larry Busacca

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield's Wedding In The Works After Brief Split? 'Spider-Man' Stars Cut Simple Stylish Figures While Out On Date

Trending News 06.03.15 | 03:37PM EDT

"Spider-Man" actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are reportedly planning on their wedding after their rumored split. The lovebirds were a picture of contentment as they went out on a date in Los Angeles, Tuesday night.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Catching Up? Emma Stone Steps Out Without Makeup With Boyfriend Andrew Garfield As They Spend Consecutive Days Together

Trending News 05.27.15 | 05:37PM EDT

Months after they were not photographed together, fueling split rumors in the process, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have a lot of catching up to do.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Belie Breakup Rumors; Couple Finds Time For A Date In Malibu

Trending News 05.23.15 | 09:42PM EDT

Finally, the proof that everyone is waiting for! Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were snapped together out on a date in Malibu, effectively dismissing all the nasty rumors about their breakup.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s Without Makeup Look Makes People Green With Envy; Actress, Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Yet To Make Appearance Together After Rumors They Haven’t Split

Trending News 05.20.15 | 09:56PM EDT

Emma Stone can step out from a long flight without makeup on Monday afternoon and still look better than most women. Meanwhile, the "Amazing Spider-Man" actress and boyfriend Andrew Garfield have yet to be snapped together after reports that they haven't split up.

Emma Stone Larry Busacca

Emma Stone Talks About Boyfriend Andrew Garfield After Rumored Breakup; 'Birdman' Actress Dishes About What Attracts Her To People

Trending News 05.11.15 | 10:20PM EDT

Emma Stone talked about boyfriend Andrew Garfield in an interview with legendary actress, Diane Keaton, which was done before her alleged breakup from the "Amazing Spider-Man" actor. In the same talk, the "Easy A" actress also discussed what draws her to people.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Breakup Untrue? 'Birdman' Actress Looks Fashionable In Monochrome Outfit As She Hits The Gym

Trending News 05.03.15 | 10:15PM EDT

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been reported to be "on the break," but a new photo suggested that those rumors might be false. Meanwhile, the "Birdman" actress continues to blend fashion with workout as she was spotted looking good in gym wear.

Emma Stone accepts the Favorite Movie Actress award for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' onstage during Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards held at The Forum on March 28, 2015 in Inglewood, California

Emma Stone Moving To Los Angeles And Leaving NYC After Andrew Garfield Break Up?

Trending News 04.28.15 | 05:13PM EDT

New details reveal Emma Stone is packing up and getting ready to move to Los Angeles, leaving NYC and Andrew Garfield behind following their break up.

Emma Stone

Smiling Emma Stone Spotted Without Makeup In West Hollywood As News She Split With Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Hits The Web

Trending News 04.22.15 | 09:59PM EDT

Emma Stone was snapped without makeup while strolling in West Hollywood. The "Easy A" actress was seen smiling belying the heartbreak after news reports have come out confirming her split with boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone Gets Busy With Career Amid News She And Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Are 'On A Break;' Actress Set To Reunite With Ryan Gosling

Trending News 04.16.15 | 09:47PM EDT

Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield are on a break but that should only give them more time to focus on their careers, as the "Amazing Spider-Man" actress is said to be reuniting with "The Notebook" star Ryan Gosling for a new movie.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone Reveals Fashion Flair As She Shops Without Makeup In LA; 'Birdman' Actress Spotted Sans Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Escalating Rumors They Split

Trending News 04.05.15 | 08:08PM EDT

Emma Stone might have been shopping in LA without makeup, but she showed off her fashion sense in a bright yellow-printed trousers and denim jacket while shopping at the Malibu Lumber Yard on Friday afternoon.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone, Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Split As Couple 'Drifted Apart?' Birdman Actress Makes Fashionable Splash At Kids Choice Award

Trending News 04.01.15 | 10:46PM EDT

Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield have allegedly drifted apart which led to their split. Meanwhile, the “Birdman” actress was quite game during the Kids Choice Awards. According to the latest from tabloid Star, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have simply moved on to other parts of their lives. “It’s clear they’ve drifted apart. It’s an unspoken issue, but everybody knows they are on hold,” a source claimed. “Yes, Andrew was filming but he could have gotten away if he really wanted to. The fact was, neither one of them wanted to plaster on a smile [nor] pretend everything was OK when it wasn’t.” However, the source quickly added that the Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield split might not be permanent. “They are taking some time apart to figure things out. They need to know if what they once had is worth saving,” the insider insisted. The lovebirds have not been snapped together for a few weeks leading to rumors about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield split. “Emma and Andrew have not been pictured together since early January when they were seen on a leisurely stroll around the West Village neighborhood of the Big Apple,” Daily Mail noted. “The couple, who have been dating since 2011, looked very much in love as they held hands in the frigid weather while bundled up in their winter coats.” Meanwhile, Emma Stone also made the trip to Kids Choice Awards without Andrew Garfield by her side, as she accepted the plum for “Favorite Movie Actress” for her role as Gwen Stacey in the “Amazing Spider-Man 2.” “This is so awesome. Thank you guys so much! I just had to put my hands in some slime. I had the opportunity, I had to do it. So I’m very slimy. This is so cool — Nickelodeon is the absolute best!” she said in her speech

Kids Choice Awards 2015 Winners

Emma Stone Shows No Drastic Change Without Make-Up; Actress, Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Head To Splitsville?

Trending News 03.13.15 | 09:17PM EDT

While other celebrities seem to look different without make-up, Emma Stone still looks gorgeous. But her followers may need to put on some good make-up on their faces to hide their sadness should reports about her split with boyfriend Andrew Garfield be true.

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