Best Korean Restaurant in Flushing

Daeji Daeji Korean BBQ in Flushing New York

Daeji Daeji: Go-To Restaurant in Flushing, New York for Authentic, Unique Korean Foods and Friendly Service

Reviews 02.23.17 | 12:46PM EST

Daeji Daeji was definitely one of my favorites not only because of its traditional Korean food, but also because of the kind, friendly service.

Hyun-jin Ryu with SamWonGahk

Explore Best Korean Chinese Restaurant in Flushing - SamWonGahk (플러싱 맛집)

Trending News 10.16.16 | 02:13PM EDT

Welcome to SamWonGahk Restaurant in New York City! - Recognized by Hyun-Jin Ryu, pitcher for the Major League Baseball team LA Dodgers!


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