This Rookie Group Is Gaining Attention Because of One Member's Breast Size

Headlines 09.14.17 | 05:45PM EDT

This Rookie Group Is Gaining Attention Because of One Member's Breast Size

Big Hit Apologizes for Controversy Over Misogynistic BTS Lyrics

Big Hit Apologizes for Controversy Over Claims Of Misogynistic BTS Lyrics

Headlines 07.10.16 | 09:33PM EDT

Fans claim that lyrics and tweets made by BTS objectify women.

HIGH4 Releases A New Mini Album 'HI-HI'

HIGH4, HALO And B.I.G To Kick Off 2016 With New Year Concert In Malaysia

Headlines 11.19.15 | 11:34AM EST

Three Korean boy bands will head to 2016 KPOP New Year Concert. Let's Kick Start 2016 with 3 Stunning K-POP Boy Group!

G-Dragon and T.O.P - Big Bang - GD&TOP

Big Bang Change Things Up For August 'MADE' Series Release With Return Of Project Duo GD&TOP

Headlines 07.23.15 | 11:12AM EDT

The subunit was Big Bang's first attempt to breakaway from the five-member dynamic.

T.O.P Instagram Photo

Big Bang's T.O.P Reaches 2 Million Instagram Followers Despite Straightforward Responses To Fans

Headlines 07.21.15 | 10:30AM EDT

The Big Bang rapper recently surpassed 2 million Instagram followers. What's great? He's done this while still remaining true to his straightfoward and cool personality.


10 Extremely Super Big Animals

Trendz 08.16.14 | 08:35PM EDT

Sit tight and hold your breath, you won't believe the size of these animals. Extremely awesome!

K-Drama provides some of the best ideas for summer dates.

K-Drama Inspired Date Ideas

Features 05.27.14 | 08:06AM EDT

K-Dramas such as "Master's Sun", "The Heirs", and "Big" provide excellent ideas for summer dates.

Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos Big in Japan; Can’t Wait? You Can Get Them On eBay but They Don’t Quench Your Thirst While You Eat Them

Trending News 08.16.13 | 02:17PM EDT

Pepsi-flavored Cheetos are now available in Japan. You can’t get Pepsi-flavored Cheetos on store shelves in America yet, but you can order them on eBay.

Ronda Rousey Says Bigger Boobs Means Bigger Targets; There’s a Reason You Don’t See `Big Titties’ at the Olympics

Trending News 07.14.13 | 11:16AM EDT

Ronda Rousey’s next fight may be with her bra. The mixed martial artist and judoka is UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion and was the Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion. Ronda Rousey won all her matches in the first round by armbar in the first round. Ronda Rousey says that big breasts can be a drawback in the ring.

E-Cigarettes Health Studies Ordered by FDA; Tobacco Makers See Big Bucks

Trending News 06.12.13 | 08:54AM EDT

E-cigarettes health studies will be done by the FDA, but the three biggest tobacco makers are making plans to enter the electronic cigarette market. Facebook president Sean Parker invested $10 million in the NJOY brand, which are smoked by Courtney Love and Bruno Mars. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution and creating vapor that users inhale.

Suzy Leaving for Drama ' Big' Promotions in Japan

Suzy Leaving for Drama ' Big' Promotions in Japan [PHOTOS]

Etc 02.02.13 | 08:37PM EST

Suzy Leaving for Drama ' Big' Promotions in Japan

suzy miss a

miss A Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Hold Hands In New Zealand For...?

Fashion & Style 08.15.12 | 03:17AM EDT

miss A Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun went to New Zealand for a photoshoot for 'High Cut'

'Haeeunde Lovers' Watching Rate Ranks Higher than 'Big'

'Haeeunde Lovers' Watching Rate Ranks Higher than 'Big'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.08.12 | 06:22PM EDT

"Haeundae Lovers" had a good start despite the rumor centering around Soyeon.

miss A Suzy Becomes a 'Term Generator'

miss A Suzy Becomes a 'Term Generator'... "I Want to Move on from National First Love to National Endorphin"

Interviews 08.04.12 | 09:51PM EDT

Suzy officially became a 'term generator'.

miss A Suzy,

miss A Suzy, "I Could Finally Breathe"

Interviews 08.04.12 | 09:49PM EDT

Girl group miss A and the 'national first love icon' Suzy said "I think I could finally breathe", talking about the busy schedules she had to go through.


'Big' Gong Yoo, Cannot Hold in Happiness at Lee Min Jung's Kiss

Stars on TV / Movies 07.27.12 | 08:02PM EDT

Gong Yoo revealed his personal feelings at Lee Min Jung's kiss acting.


'Big' miss A Suzy's Thoughts Regarding the Finale Revealed!

Reviews 07.27.12 | 10:25AM EDT

Suzy of K-Pop idol group miss A revealed her thoughts regarding the KBS drama "Big" coming to an end.


'Big' What Happened to the Romance Between miss A Suzy and Baek Sung Hyun?

Reviews 07.25.12 | 08:26PM EDT

The finale of the KBS drama "Big" left some hopes and doubts about miss A Suzy and Baek Sung Hyun's love.


'Big' miss A Suzy Looked More Beautiful Because of Her Innocence

Reviews 07.25.12 | 05:46PM EDT

K-Pop idol group miss A member Suzy's love was more heartbreaking to the audience because of her purity and innocence.

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