Are iKON Ready To Make A Comeback After Fans Continued To Boycott The Group?

Headlines 09.14.17 | 12:05PM EDT

What Did iKON Have To Say About Fans Continuing To Boycott The Group?


Why Are Fans Boycotting iKON, The Company, & How Did YG Entertainment Respond?

Hot Issues 08.17.17 | 05:53PM EDT

Why Are Fans of iKON Boycotting Them & YG Entertainment?

A Starbucks shop in the UK.

Starbucks Red Cup Controversy: Company Junks Redesign, ‘It’s Just A Cup’ Campaign Mocks Issue?

Trending News 11.12.15 | 10:16AM EST

Starbucks is sticking by its red cup design despite being dragged into a controversy after several groups declared a “War on Christmas” against the coffee company.

British Politicians Boycott Joan Rivers Over Gaza Rant She Says Was Taken Out Of Context: Can The Comedian's Career Survive The Controversy?

Trending News 08.20.14 | 11:46AM EDT

British Politicians Are Boycotting Joan Rivers Over Gaza Rant. Her Career May Be In Trouble.


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