Big Hit Entertainment's CEO shared future plan to debut BTS' brother group.

Big Hit Entertainment's CEO Shared Plan For Debuting BTS' Brother Group + Asked ARMY To Support BTS On Billboard Music Awards

Hot Issues 04.26.17 | 07:24PM EDT

BTS is nominated Top Social Media Artist at BillBoard Music Awards. Check out the future plan from Big Hit Entertainment here!

Why Oh My Girl Feels Threatened With BTS And Big Bang

Why Oh My Girl Feels Threatened With BTS And Big Bang

Hot Issues 04.24.17 | 05:50AM EDT

The hit girl group, Oh My Girl, just posed for a couple of photos for CeCi's May issue.

BTS Most Viewed Combined Videos

BTS Settled To Be The Newest YouTube Most Viewed Group Of All Time

Trending News 04.22.17 | 07:00AM EDT

The BTS's video came out to be a successful one after PSY's "Gangnam Style" previous success. Rose to Billion hits all over the world.

BTS Reveals Surprising Secrets In Interview

BTS Reveals Surprising Secrets In Interview

Hot Issues 04.18.17 | 08:49AM EDT

Hit K-pop boy group, BTS, has finally revealed their secrets in a recently held interview.


KCON Confirms GFRIEND for New York Leg, Girl Group To Perform Best Hits & 'The Awakening' Title Track

Headlines 04.15.17 | 09:06AM EDT

KCON USA has added GFRIEND on their lineup of artists to perform in their New York convention.


BTS Members Vote Suga Would Be Perfect for a Long Distance Relationship

Interviews 04.14.17 | 08:06PM EDT

BTS members vote co-member Suga would be the perfect one to handle long distance relationships on an interview.

How Western Celebrities Use K-Pop To Become Popular

How Western Celebrities Use K-Pop To Become Popular

Hot Issues 04.13.17 | 08:49PM EDT

There are more and more western celebrities who seem to be using K-pop personalities to make them popular. Continue to read on to know more about the issue.

K-Pop Boy Band BTS Prepares To Take Over America

K-Pop Boy Band BTS Prepares To Take Over America

Hot Issues 04.12.17 | 07:02AM EDT

The hit K-pop boy band, BTS, plans to take over America really soon. Read on to know more details about it.

BTS For Teen Choice Awards 2017

BTS 'Occasionally Visits' Twitter To See Fan Selfies: Meets With Long-Time Choreographer Keone Madrid After A Long Time

Buzz 04.06.17 | 03:16PM EDT

BTS revealed in an interview that they occasionally visit Twitter to see fan selfies.

The Truth Behind BTS Death Threats

The Truth Behind BTS Death Threats

Hot Issues 04.03.17 | 06:10AM EDT

The hit K-pop boy group, BTS, is busy preparing for its upcoming U.S. tour. However, a series of death threats are sent out threatening their lives.

BTS For Teen Choice Awards 2017

BTS To Officially Declare Success In The USA Following Sold-Out Shows & Shoutouts From Renowned International Celebrities

Trending News 04.03.17 | 04:22AM EDT

BTS is, hands down, the top grossing K-Pop group of the year. After successfully broke the best-selling album record, the group now eye to debut in the USA following sold out shows and massive recognition in the country.


BTS Change Their Name During Buzzfeed Celeb Interview

Buzz 04.03.17 | 04:19AM EDT

BTS recently had their interview with Buzzfeed Celeb during their stop in Los Angeles, CA.

Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment Believe Death Threat Towards BTS' Jimin A 'Joke': Agency To Move To A New Building?

Hot Issues 03.31.17 | 08:24AM EDT

Big Hit Entertainment has released a statement regarding death threats towards BTS and Jimin, believes it's all a joke.


K-Pop Idols Who Are 'Overwatch' Masters

Buzz 03.28.17 | 11:20PM EDT

These K-pop idols are masters in playing Overwatch so you better watch out!

BTS's Jimin got death threats, armys wanted to protect him.

Armys Showed Loyalty By Giving Worldwide Trend Of #ArmysWillProtectJimin To Answer BTS's Jimin's Death Threats

Hot Issues 03.27.17 | 09:34AM EDT

Jimin just got death threats from an anti fan. Read more for the details here!

Rap Monster

BTS' Rap Monster Channels Inner Drake Singing 'Fake Love' on iHeart Radio Interview

Headlines 03.27.17 | 05:29AM EDT

Rap Monster sings American rapper Drake's "Fake Love" during interview with iHeart Radio


BTS 'Wings Tour' in New Jersey 'Almost' Ruined After Bomb Reports: Signs With Def Jam Records in Japan

Hot Issues 03.25.17 | 03:12AM EDT

BTS' concert in Newark, New Jersey was almost ruined after a citizen reports of a "bomb" at the area when it was just the ARMY BOMB merchandise sold at the concert.


BTS Collaboration: The Possibility Of Rap Monster & Co. To Make Another East-Meets-West Collaboration With Kehlani

Hot Issues 03.23.17 | 06:06AM EDT

American singer, Kehlani, gives a shoutout to BTS after Rap Monster revealed on Billboard that the singer is one of his biggest influences in music.


BTS Members & Their Phobias: All of BTS Afraid of Jungkook? Here's Why!

Hot Issues 03.23.17 | 05:04AM EDT

A Tweet that contained all of BTS members' ultimate fears have gone viral on Twitter on March 21 and revealed that all of BTS are afraid of Jungkook .

BTS For Teen Choice Awards 2017

Dream Concert 2017: BTS Agency Says Group May Skip Concert

Trending News 03.17.17 | 10:21AM EDT

Big Hit Entertainment, BTS' agency, updates fans on the group's attendance at Dream Concert 2017.

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