Rob Lowe News, Updates: Hollywood Heartthrob Puts His All In JFK Role On National Geographic’s ‘Killing Kennedy’, Coming November 10

Trending News 11.06.13 | 10:38PM EST

Rob Lowe news and updates.

Tim Tebow News 2013: Bleacher Report Writer Cites Reasons Why NFL Free Agent Should Quit Pro Football, ‘He’s One of The Most Fascinating & Polarizing Athletes Ever’

Trending News 11.06.13 | 10:27PM EST

Tim Tebow is done with NFL? Agree or no?

Celebs Take To Twitter To Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day: Why A 17th Century Terrorist Still Gets Major Buzz

Trending News 11.06.13 | 11:33AM EST

Celebrities Tweet Guy Fawkes Day Remembrances

Tim Tebow News: Billboard Asking Jaguars Owner To Sign NFL Free Agent Pops Up In Jacksonville, Tebowmania Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Trending News 11.05.13 | 11:29PM EST

Tim Tebow news and updates.

American celebrities who love K-Pop! (Twitter)

American Celebrities Who Love K-Pop: Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers, Will Smith, Nina Dobrev, And More!

Trending News 11.05.13 | 01:53PM EST

As K-Pop increases in popularity across the globe, more and more western and American celebrities are openly voicing their love for groups like Super Junior, 2NE1, and Wonder Girls.

Cristiano Ronaldo News: Soccer Star Turned Model Promotes Underwear Line; Goes Shirtless To Give Girl His Uniform After Getting Hit With Ball In The Face [WATCH HERE]

Trending News 11.05.13 | 11:58AM EST

Cristiano Ronaldo news and updates.

Henry Cavill News: ‘Man Of Steel’ Star Joining Director Zack Snyder & Co-Star Amy Adams In Live Q&A November 9, Event Streaming Live On The Web

Trending News 11.05.13 | 10:25AM EST

Henry Cavill news and updates.

Kellan Lutz News: Hollywood Hunk And Cast Of 'Hercules' Produced Video To Solve Stray Dogs Problem In Bulgaria, ‘I Can’t Just Stand By & Do Nothing’ [WATCH IT HERE]

Trending News 11.04.13 | 11:54PM EST

Kellan Lutz

Alexander Skarsgard Dating: Hollywood Hunk Linked To Taylor Swift Is Untrue Says The Singer’s Rep, ‘The Giver’ Co-Stars Didn’t Have A Date In South Africa

Trending News 11.04.13 | 10:48PM EST

Alexander Skarsgard latest news.

Ian Somerhalder Twitter Vent Shows Indignation On Shooting After LAX Incident, ‘Can We Stop Shooting Each Other’ Wrote ‘Vampire Diaries’ Actor

Trending News 11.02.13 | 01:57AM EDT

Ian Somerhalder news and updates.

Kellan Lutz ‘Twilight’ Created YouTube Video To Support Bulgarian NGO Focused On Taking Care Of Stray Dogs, ‘I Can’t Just Stand By & Do Nothing’ [WATCH IT HERE]

Trending News 11.02.13 | 01:30AM EDT

Kellan Lutz news and updates.

Tim Tebow Rumors 2013: Half-Way Through Season No Team Expected To Sign NFL Free Agent, Opens PDQ Restaurant In Jacksonville To Create Jobs For Community

Trending News 11.02.13 | 01:06AM EDT

Tim Tebow news and updates.

Alexander Skarsgard Dating Rumors Debunked: Taylor Swift Rep Says No Love Connection Between Country Singer & True Blood Actor

Trending News 11.01.13 | 04:39PM EDT

Alexander Skarsgard news and updates.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2013: See Super Model Heidi Klum As She Stuns Everyone With Her Wrinkly Old Lady Transformation For Her Annual Halloween Bash – Queen Of Halloween!

Trending News 11.01.13 | 01:05PM EDT

The Queen of Halloween award goes to... Heidi Klum!

Tim Tebow News 2013: Camilla Belle, Ex-Girlfriend of Famous NFL Free Agent & Player Spotted At Just Jared Pre-Halloween Party, Avoided Each Other

Trending News 10.31.13 | 04:20PM EDT

Tim Tebow news and updates.

Zac Efron News 2013: Young Hollywood Star Play Cool Doc In Recently Released Deleted Scene From JFK Movie ‘Parkland’ Ahead Of DVD Launch

Trending News 10.31.13 | 03:38PM EDT

Zac Efron news and updates.

Henry Cavill VS. Jamie Doornan: Why The ‘Man Of Steel’ Hunk Could Be A Better Christian Grey For The Upcoming Book To Film Flick

Trending News 10.31.13 | 02:23PM EDT

Henry Cavill news and updates.

Oscar Pistorius Trial Update: Double-Amputee Athlete Faces Two More Gun Charges At Upcoming Murder Trial, Moved By SA Authority To Portray Oscar As Trigger-Happy Gun Owner

Trending News 10.31.13 | 01:11PM EDT

Oscar Pistorius news and updates.

Zac Efron Dating Lilly Colins? Facebook Status Of Young Stars Could Probably Change After Couple Was Spotted Holding Hands In Disneyland Date

Trending News 10.29.13 | 06:30PM EDT

Zac Efron news and updates.

Minnie Driver

K-Pop Idols Who Smoke And A List Of U.S. Celebrities Who Smoke Weed Or Cigarettes

Trending News 10.29.13 | 03:43PM EDT

Which K-Pop and U.S. celebrities smoke?

Henry Cavill News 2013: ‘Man Of Steel’ Star’s Fans Vying For People’s Choice Nomination, Plus Hollywood Hunk Looking Christian Grey-Like On Set

Trending News 10.28.13 | 01:33PM EDT

Henry Cavill news and updates.

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