Jay Park Discusses His 'Freedom As A Rapper' on CNN Interview

Headlines 10.09.17 | 04:31PM EDT

Jay Park Discusses His 'Freedom As A Rapper' on CNN Interview


Korea Voted For Next LGBT+ Culture Festival - Polls Close Due To Violence & Threats Against Them

Trending News 08.31.17 | 03:55PM EDT

Korea Voted For Next LGBT+ Culture Festival - Polls Close Due To Violence & Threats Against Them

Korean actor Gong Yoo Elle Magazine October 2015 Photoshoot Interview

Gong Yoo's Interview With CNN's 'Talk Asia' Finally Aired, 'Goblin' Star Reveals Having No Plans of Becoming an Actor at All! [WATCH]

Hot Issues 05.30.17 | 09:12AM EDT

Gong Yoo's interview with CNN's "Talk Asia" have finally aired, with the actor revealing he actually had no plans of becoming an actor.

Gong Yoo

‘Goblin’ Star Gong Yoo Popularity Ablaze Makes It To CNN

Interviews 04.10.17 | 11:28PM EDT

The lead actor of 'Goblin' Gong Yoo interviewed by CNN "Talk Asia" later this month. The said interview is expected to air last week of April.

North Korean Band Moranbong

CNN Introduces Moranbong, The North Korean K-Propoganda Band

Hot Issues 09.04.15 | 01:18PM EDT

The international news agency highlighted Kim Jong Un's role in creating Western-style music in the country.

Couple Chose Facebook To Donate Unused Embryos

Facebook Helps Couples Start Their Own Family As An Aspiring Mom Finds An Embryo Donor In The Social Media Website

Trending News 01.08.15 | 07:36AM EST

Having children is every couple’s dream, but, for many like Rayn and Richard Galloway this is not as easy as others. The aspiring parents go for an unconventional solution to parenthood by answering a Facebook post about a family’s offer to donate frozen embryos.

Don Lemon Named One Of The Worst Journalists Of 2014 By The Columbia Journalism Review: CNN Anchor Criticized For Not Choosing His Words Wisely [PHOTO]

Trending News 12.27.14 | 12:00PM EST

Don Lemon

WATCH Midterm Election Night Coverage Live Stream Online Free: Nov 4 2014 Midterms Results Guide With Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper & More On ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN Streaming [VIDEO]

Trending News 11.04.14 | 08:59PM EST

Happy Election Day! With the results of the November 4 midterms starting to come in, cable and network television channels will be airing special election coverage all night. From ABC, CBS and NBC to Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, the biggest news anchors and political commentators will be analyzing the midterm election results as they come in from all of over the country. Tune in to your favorite programs on TV, or access the live stream channels on your computer to stay wired into the exciting election results night!

Rain on CNN

CNN Highlights The Korean Wave With A Visit To The Set Of 'My Lovely Girl'

Headlines 10.06.14 | 07:38AM EDT

Worldwide news outlet CNN visited the filming of "My Lovely GIrl" for an interview with Rain

Piers Morgan Announces His CNN Show Is Cancelled: What Are Twitter Users Saying In Response?

Trending News 02.24.14 | 03:44PM EST

Piers Morgan took to Twitter to announce the end of his CNN show - what are Twitter users saying in response to the news?

Dennis Rodman On North Korea Rant: Is He Really Drunk? 'The Worm' Issues Apology Through Rep Blaming Stress and 'Drunkenness' For Outburst

Trending News 01.09.14 | 10:07PM EST

After his shocking live cam outburst during an interview with CNN about his North Korean trip, retired NBA player Dennis Rodman has apologized for his actions which he say happened only because he was drunk.

Rachel Jeantel discusses George Zimmerman Trial Verdict with Piers Morgan [VIDEO]; Trayvon Martin "was trying to get home"; Talks about use of N-word

Trending News 07.16.13 | 01:52PM EDT

Says Testimony did not affect verdict in a negative way.

Husband Of Christiane Amanpour James Rubin Resigns From Port Authority, Wife Will Host CNN Show In London

Trending News 06.03.13 | 03:05PM EDT

Port Authority commissioner and husband of Christiane Amanpour, James Rubin, has resigned.

Roland Martin Leaves CNN After 5 Years As Political Contributor, Says New Boss Jeff Zucker “Wants His Own Peeps”

Trending News 03.20.13 | 11:09AM EDT

Longtime contributor Roland Martin will leave CNN on April 6 of this year. Roland Martin confirmed his plans to leave CNN in a tweet he posted to his followers.

CNN Reports On Lee Hi, 'Fans Love Her Voice'

CNN Reports On Lee Hi, 'Fans Love Her Voice'

Headlines 12.01.12 | 05:40PM EST

CNN recently had a report on Lee Hi, and it has become a topic of interest.

Psy on CNN

Psy Recently Spoke About Queen And Gangnam Style In A CNN Interview

Headlines 11.25.12 | 07:09PM EST

He mentions the origin of the song "Gangnam Style" and what persuaded him to join the music business.

Psy States on CNN,

Psy States on CNN, "Fun is a Universal Language"

Headlines 10.26.12 | 03:25PM EDT

During an interview with CNN, Psy stated, "Fun is a universal language. My music is fun. This is the reason my song became a hit."

CNN Releases, "Sports Gangnam Style" [VIDEO]

Hot Issues 10.12.12 | 05:28PM EDT

The 24/7 media outlet releases a video of various sports figures doing the famous horse dance.


Psy, "I am Here Today Because my Country's People Have Forgiven Me"

Headlines 09.21.12 | 06:26PM EDT

Rapper Psy expressed his thanks to his country of South Korea.


Psy, "'Gangnam Style' MV is More Famous than Me. Thank You CNN"

Headlines 09.20.12 | 11:16AM EDT

On an interview with CNN, Psy expressed his gratitude towards CNN.

CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper,

CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper, "I've Been Obsessed with Psy's 'Gangnam Style' for 2 Weeks!"

Headlines 09.18.12 | 11:28AM EDT

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper reveals that he is a fan of "Gangnam Style" Psy.

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