The Likelihood of Park Bo Gum Appearing In 'Infinite Challenge'

The Likelihood of Park Bo Gum Appearing In 'Infinite Challenge'

Hot Issues 04.11.17 | 10:54AM EDT

Park Bo Gum might be appearing in "Infinite Challenge". Continue reading to know more about the news.

Park Bo Gum and Kim Yuna for

Park Bo Gum And Figure Skating Kim Yuna For 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Campaign With 'Coca Cola'

Endorsement 03.09.17 | 09:44PM EST

Park Bo Gum and KIm Yuna were previously in a shoot together for "J.Estina." Both were just chosen for another CF with "Coca Cola." Watch out more here!

NCT 127

NCT 127 Collaborates with Coca Cola for 'Taste the Feeling'

Headlines 08.03.16 | 12:52AM EDT

NCT 127 is up next for SM Station and have teamed up with Coca Cola for "Taste the Feeling."

Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Hi-C Ecto Cooler Heading Back To Shelves Soon? , Coca Cola Files Trademark For "Ghostbuster-themed" Juice

Trending News 11.29.15 | 11:21PM EST

Bringing a nostalgic favorite back.

Nick Jonas at an American Diabetes Association event.

Nick Jonas Slams Crossfit's Diabetes Remarks, Fitness Company Backs Down?

Trending News 07.01.15 | 12:43PM EDT

Nick Jonas has some choice words against Crossfit after the company reportedly joked about diabetes in a tweet. Other Twitter users couldn’t help but express their dismay as well.

Lee Hi coke bottle

Eat Like A K-Pop Star: Recipes For Your Hallyu Idol Coca-Cola

Features 04.15.15 | 08:33AM EDT

K-Pop stars have been gracing the bottles of classic Coke bottles lately, so it's time to start cooking with some of their new favorite fizzy beverage.

Shocking Coca Cola And Milk Experiment

Shocking Coca Cola And Milk Experiment

Trendz 03.12.15 | 10:46AM EDT

This science experiment has gone viral with over 4 million views! So, are you going to drink Coke?

Eugenie Bouchard Too “Busy” For Boyfriend? Canadian Wimbledon Darling Signs Coca Cola Endorsement Contract, Glams Up For Elle Quebec and Preps for Rogers Cup

Trending News 07.22.14 | 04:22PM EDT

Eugenie Bouchard has been so “busy” that keeping a boyfriend, including Alex Galchenyuk, around has been a challenge!

2PM Nichkhun Chosen To Be Thailand's Coca-Cola Model

Trending News 04.03.14 | 09:03AM EDT

2PM member Nichkhun has become the new Coca-Cola model in Thailand.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun Becomes The Face Of Global Brand, Coca-Cola In China

Actor Kim Soo Hyun Becomes The Face Of Global Brand, Coca-Cola In China

Trending News 03.27.14 | 04:00AM EDT

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has become the new face for the global brand, Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Draws The Ire Of The Public; ‘America The Beautiful’ Commercial Only Divides People, Pundits Say

Trending News 02.04.14 | 01:33AM EST

Coca-Cola has debuted its "It's Beautiful" commercial during the Super Bowl on Sunday, featuring a multilingual rendition of "America the Beautiful." The ad, which was backdropped by seven different languages, was intended to promote the country's diversity. However, it produced a total opposite effect on the masses.

2 Chainz Twitter Q&A: Fans Hashtag #Ask2Chainz And Uncover Ten Interesting Facts About The Rapper [Tweets]

Trending News 10.17.13 | 05:18PM EDT

Yesterday 2 Chainz had a interesting Q&A with his fans via Twitter and revealed a ton of cool stuff about himself.

Pepsi Carcinogen California: Soda Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals In 10 States? Coca-Cola Tests Negative For Dangerous Caramel Coloring

Trending News 07.04.13 | 09:55AM EDT

epsi products outside of California may contain carcinogens from the chemical in their caramel coloring

Boyfriend wrecks Danica Patrick: NASCAR’s Most Famous Couple’s Collision Bound to Happen

Trending News 05.27.13 | 09:11AM EDT

Stenhouse car's slid into her girlfriend's car, crashing both the cars into the wall.

Coke Formula Claim: Georgia Man Selling Purported Coca-Cola Formula On E-Bay For $15 Million [Video]

Trending News 05.14.13 | 10:23AM EDT

Coca-Cola has always kept their secret formula locked up in a bank vault, but a Coke formula claim out of Georgia has one man selling the secret recipe for $15 million on auction site, E-Bay.

Coca-Cola Addition Contributed to Death of New Zealand Mother's Heart Attack

Trending News 02.12.13 | 03:43PM EST

A mother's addiction to Coca-Cola contributed to the cause of her death, who suffered a fatal heart attack.


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