12 of Craziest Outfits 2NE1 Has Ever Worn

Features 05.22.14 | 09:46AM EDT

12 of Craziest Outfits 2NE1 Has Ever Worn

doom dada family

TOP - Dara - Song Min Ho, YG 'Doom Dada Family' Gathers

Buzz 05.14.14 | 05:10AM EDT

Girl group 2NE1's membe Dara, Big Bang's member TOP, and Winner's member Song Min Ho took a picture together.

dara picture with epik high

2NE1 Dara, Becomes Epik High's 4th Member?

Buzz 05.08.14 | 02:43AM EDT

Girl group 2NE1's member Dara revealed a picture taken with her agency family group Epik High.

2ne1 bom picture with doom dara

2NE1 Bom, Falls In Love With 'Doom Dara Park' "Please Take A Picture With Me"

Buzz 05.07.14 | 04:02AM EDT

Girl group 2NE1's member Bom revealed a picture with her member Dara.

seungri dara dressed as g-dragon and top

Seungri-Dara, Shocking Fashion At YG Concert

Buzz 05.06.14 | 08:49AM EDT

Big Bang's member Seungri and 2NE1's member Dara turned into G-Dragon and TOP.

2ne1 dara dressed up as big bang top

2NE1 Dara, Dressed Up As Big Bang TOP? 'Doom Dara'

Buzz 04.17.14 | 04:58AM EDT

Group 2NE1's member Dara wore Big Bang TOP's fashion, catching much attention.


These K-Pop Stars Are Dying To Be In A Relationship!

Features 04.22.14 | 02:04AM EDT

These K-Pop Stars are Dying to be in a Relationship!

dara picture with g-dragon

2NE1 Dara-G-Dragon, Picture At YG Family Concert

Buzz 04.16.14 | 07:58AM EDT

2NE1's member Dara and Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed a picture together.

2ne1 dara picture with haru

2NE1 Dara, Picture With Tablo's Daughter Haru

Buzz 04.13.14 | 08:01PM EDT

2NE1's member Dara revealed a picture with Tablo's daughter Haru.


2NE1 Snatches #1 On Gaon Digital Chart

Headlines 04.12.14 | 04:35AM EDT

2NE1's 2nd studio album 'Crush' has been receiving positive feedback moments after its release. How did it fare in the Gaon Digital Chart for the month of March? What other artists/singles was it competing against?


2NE1's Dara Discusses Having A Thin Figure And Comfortable Style

Interviews 04.10.14 | 07:45AM EDT


2NE1 singer Park

Dara Reveals Her 2NE1 Bandmates Are Not Shy When It Comes To Being Naked Around The House

Headlines 04.09.14 | 09:05PM EDT

2NE1 singer Sandara "Dara" Park claims when it comes to changing in the dormitory where the group lives together, the three other members, CL, Park Bom and Minzy, are anything but shy.

Cameo Appearance Here & There - How Do Drama Use Idol Groups To Their Advantage?

Cameo Appearance Here & There - How Do Dramas Use Idol Groups To Their Advantage?

Features 04.10.14 | 01:37AM EDT

Girl group activities know no bounds. Their activities range from their main music broadcasts to concerts, all kinds of events, fan signings, TV broadcasts, and even movie appearances.

Dara takes selca with

2NE1 Meets 'The Walking Dead': Dara Uploads Instagram Photo With Steven Yeun!

Hot Issues 04.08.14 | 04:15PM EDT

2NE1 may just have a new fan—"The Walking Dead" star Steven Yeun!


Female Idols Who Still Look Good Without Makeup

Features 04.09.14 | 03:07AM EDT

These stars still look just as beautiful with or without makeup.

2NE1's Facebook page surpasses 7 million likes

2NE1 Gets Over 7 Million 'Likes' On Facebook

Headlines 04.07.14 | 11:33PM EDT

Fans can't get enough of 2NE1 - and the proof is in their Facebook page!

2ne1 dara picture with donghae

2NE1 Dara, Picture With Super Junior Donghae "10-Year Friend"

Buzz 03.31.14 | 11:50PM EDT

Girl group 2NE1's member Dara revealed a picture with Super Junior's member Donghae.

bom picture while shooting for roommate

2NE1 Bom, Self-Camera While Shooting For 'Roommate' "Dara, Come Play"

Buzz 03.29.14 | 09:42PM EDT

Group 2NE1's member Bom posted a self-camera photo while filming for the new SBS entertainment program "Roommate," inviting her member Dara.

There’s No Group Like 2NE1

There’s No Group Like 2NE1

Hot Issues 03.27.14 | 04:28AM EDT

"Now we're really ready to play."

2NE1 Tells Fans If They Are Showing A Sexy Concept On 'Wide Entertainment News'

Headlines 03.20.14 | 08:14AM EDT

Are the females of 2NE1 promoting with a sexy concept?

2ne1 picture with yoo hee yeol

2NE1, Picture With Yoo Hee Yeol In The Waiting Room

Buzz 03.19.14 | 10:19PM EDT

Girl group 2NE1 revealed a picture with the singer and producer Yoo Hee Yeol.

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