Stars React To Oscar de la Renta's Death: Taylor Swift, Naomi Campbell, Barbara Walters, The Clintons, And More Pay Tribute To Iconic Designer

Trending News 10.21.14 | 06:48PM EDT

Stars, politicians and other public figures have sounded off on the tragic passing of Oscar de la Renta to lung cancer at the age of 82.

Elizabeth Pena Dead At 55: 'Modern Family' Actress Remembered By Co Stars And Friends; Died Of Natural Causes Following A Brief Illness

Trending News 10.16.14 | 02:21PM EDT

Elizabeth Pena Death

Jan Hooks Dead At 57: SNL Actress And Comedian Remembered By Co Stars And Friends; Cause Of Death Currently Unknown [PHOTO]

Trending News 10.10.14 | 05:18PM EDT

Jan Hooks Death

Rutgers University Student Dies After Attending Frat House 'Gathering': Alcohol Intoxication Alleged Cause Of Death?

Trending News 09.23.14 | 01:13PM EDT

A 19-year-old Rutgers University student died at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house.

Joan Rivers' Doctor Took A 'Selfie' With Unconscious Comedienne Before Performing Unauthorized Throat Biopsy That Lead To Her Death

Trending News 09.17.14 | 06:50PM EDT

Joan Rivers' personal doctor did not only performed an unauthorized biopsy which led to the comedienne's death... he even took a selfie mid-operation!

S. Truett Cathy Dead At 93: Founder of Chick-Fil-A Always Kept His Religious Beliefs On The Table [PHOTO]

Trending News 09.08.14 | 04:20PM EDT

S Truett Cathy Dead

‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Cast: Channing Tatum As Gambit Will Be Apocalypse Horseman ‘Death?’ Archangel May Swoop In!

Trending News 09.07.14 | 08:49AM EDT

If there's "X-Men: Apocalypse" then the Four Horsemen will not be far behind. In Bryan Singer's teased script, they are right there on page one. Who will play the leader of the Horsemen, Death?

Peaches Geldof Dead: Baby Boys Made Her ‘Happier Than Ever’ To Be A Mother Before ‘Unexplained Sudden Death’; Was She Suffering From Anorexia?

Trending News 04.09.14 | 01:01PM EDT

Peaches Geldof was found dead in her home - was she suffering from anoerxia?

Government ‘Whistle Blower’ Julia Davis On Why She Believes Brittany Murphy Was Targeted For Supporting Her [EXCLUSIVE]

Trending News 02.11.14 | 02:24PM EST

Government ‘Whistle Blower’ Julia Davis On Why She Believes Brittany Murphy Was Targeted For Supporting Her [EXCLUSIVE]

British Muslim Politician Receives Death Threat For Posting Cartoon Pic Of Jesus And Mohammed On Twitter; Insists God Himself Won’t Feel Threatened By It

Trending News 01.23.14 | 09:08PM EST

"This is not offensive and I'm sure God is greater than to feel threatened by it."

Scott Disick Mourns! Reality Star's Parents Die Months Apart; Father Jeffrey Passed Away On Friday

Trending News 01.06.14 | 11:35AM EST

Scott Disick mourns after the death of his father Jeffrey on Friday. The unhappy event happened just three months after Scott's mother's death.

Johnny Cash Songs Discovered After 30 Years; First Album of New Material Since Country Legend’s Death Will Be Released in 2014

Trending News 12.11.13 | 10:53AM EST

Johnny Cash Song Discovered After 30 Year; First Album of New Material Since Country Legend’s Death Will Be Released in 2014

Larry Flynt Doesn't Want Execution of Man Who Shot Him; Death Penalty Not a Deterrent to Crime

Trending News 10.18.13 | 09:01AM EDT

Larry Flynt Does Not Want the Man Who Shot Him to be Executed.

Commemorating Neil Armstrong on the Anniversary of His Death; First Man to Walk on the Moon Died One Year Ago (Video)

Trending News 08.27.13 | 12:19PM EDT

One year ago, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died at the age of 82 following complications from cardiovascular procedures, according to his family. Neil Armstrong was the commander of the Apollo 11 mission. Astronaut Neil Armstrong died a few weeks after heart surgery.

Audrie Pott Saratoga Death Has New Suspect; Classmate Blamed in California Teen’s Suicide

Trending News 07.29.13 | 01:51PM EDT

Audrie Pott, Saratoga, Calif., committed suicide after she was bullied in the aftermath of a sexual assault. A new classmate has been blamed for driving Audrie Pott to suicide. The fifteen-year-old girl hanged herself after she was photographed at a party on Sept. 2 last year after she passed out and allegedly was sexually assaulted. Classmates sent the pictures of the assault around the internet and drove Audrie Pott into a suicidal depression.

Six Flags Death: Roller Coaster Maker From Germany Inspects Ride, Safety Bar Not Broken

Trending News 07.22.13 | 09:11AM EDT

Six Flags death on rollercoaster was investigated by German roller coaster manufacturer. Official says safety bar wasn’t broken on the ride involved in a woman's death at Six Flags in Texas. Still unsure what caused the woman to plunge to her death. Six Flags promotes the roller coaster as touted as the tallest steel-hybrid roller coaster in the world.

Jodi Arias Trial Update: Jodi Returns to Court to Face Life or the Death Penalty

Trending News 07.16.13 | 12:40PM EDT

Jodi Arias returned to court today to begin the penalty phase of the Travis Alexander murder trial. Jodi Arias is waiting on the prosecutors’ decision on how to go forward with her murder case. Jodi Arias and her attorneys plan to ask the judge to throw out the jury's finding that made her eligible for the death penalty. Jodi Arias has steadfastly claimed that she acted in self-defense.

Jack Vance Dies: Award Winning Author Died at 96

Trending News 05.30.13 | 03:25AM EDT

Jack Vance dies at age 96.

Jodi Arias Jury Foreman Says Life or Death Decision was Unfair; `Not Charles Manson’

Trending News 05.25.13 | 10:03AM EDT

Jodi Arias jury foreman said Jodi Arias was “not Charles Manson” and it was unfair to expect the jurors, who were just ordinary citizens, to decide whether she lived or died.

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