China Rains Kill 55, 14 Missing in Various Provinces

Trending News 05.19.13 | 12:19AM EDT

Nasty rainstorm In China killed 55 people already. Bad weather still expected this coming days.

Natalie Wood's Death Mystery Continues, Was the Actress Assaulted?

Trending News 01.14.13 | 03:18PM EST

The Los Angeles County Coroner's office released a new report today that questioned the original 1981 coroner's report, which ruled Wood's death "accidental."

Creative Director Woo Jong Wan's Sudden Death Shocks Fashion Industry

Creative Director Woo Jong Wan's Sudden Death Shocks Fashion Industry

Headlines 09.17.12 | 11:26AM EDT

On September 15, the public was shocked by the sudden death of creative director Woo Jong Wan.

Kim Dong Ryul

Kim Dong Ryul "I always thought she would return."

Headlines 02.12.12 | 12:14AM EST

Ballad singer Kim Dong Ryul showed his disappointment with the passing of 'The Queen of Pop'.

BoA, Yoon Mirae

BoA, Yoon Mirae Grieves Over The Death Of Whitney Houston

Headlines 02.12.12 | 12:10AM EST

BoA and Yoon Mirae sent their condolences after hearing the news of Whitney Houston's death.

Leslie Carter’s Autopsy Inconclusive

Trending News 02.02.12 | 07:15PM EST

25-year -old Leslie Carter's autopsy revealed the cause of death is inconclusive, welcoming more questions than answers.

Amy Winehouse Death Inquest Illegal?

Trending News 02.02.12 | 07:13PM EST

Before the cause of Amy Winehouse's death was known, there was much speculation about how the Rehab singer died.

'House of Carters' Star Dies Mysteriously at 25

Trending News 02.02.12 | 07:00PM EST

Leslie Carter, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's sister, died yesterday in New York City at age 25.

Nick Carter Not Canceling Tour After Sister's Death

Trending News 02.02.12 | 06:57PM EST

Nick Carter's sister, Leslie, passed away in upstate New York earlier today, but the singer will not cancel the rest of his tour.

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