Marvel TV Shows On Netflix: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist And Luke Cage To Debut On The Internet Streaming Provider Come 2015

Trending News 11.12.13 | 12:20AM EST

'It's quite possible that they could become feature films'

Walt Disney Pictures Kicks Off 27th AFI Fest With The U.S. Premiere Of Saving Mr. Banks At The Historic TCL Chinese Theatre

Trending News 11.09.13 | 06:39AM EST

The drama comedy film that will surely make you laugh and make you cry

Star Wars Episode 7 Release Date: Finally The Time Has Come! Disney Announced That The Much Awaited Movie Will Hit Theaters On Dec. 18, 2015

Trending News 11.08.13 | 07:39AM EST

No it's not gonna be this summer, Star Wars will be released in time of the Holiday Season!

Jonas Brothers Split Saddens Disney Channel Fans:What Happened to Hannah Montana, Troy And Jonas Brothers?

Trending News 10.30.13 | 07:53AM EDT

Jonas Brothers Split has saddened a lot of fans, especially the teenagers who grew up watching them on Disney Channel alongside Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana and Zac Efron as Troy Bolton

Captain America 2 - The Winter Soldier Trailer: Star Spangled Hero Takes On A Full Scale Reboot

Trending News 10.27.13 | 11:24AM EDT

The most patriotic super hero returns

'Suite Life Of Zack And Cody' Star Dylan Sprouse Slams 'Broke' Rumors And Defend His Job As A Restaurant Host

Trending News 09.27.13 | 05:39AM EDT

After rumors surfaced that "Suite Life Of Zack And Cody" star Dylan Sprouse was broke due to being captured working as a host at a NYC restaurant, the actor decided to respond.

Miley Cyrus Twerking Video Music Awards Performance Deemed As 'Racist' Is 'Demeaning' To Her Black Dancers According To Singer's Stylist

Trending News 09.26.13 | 01:39AM EDT

After Miley Cyrus' twerking performace at the VMAs to "We Can't Stop" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" was deemed as racist, the singer's stylist Lisa Katnic is fighting against the criticism.

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Update: Source Says Actor's Family Wants Him To Dump The Twerking Singer

Trending News 09.05.13 | 05:06AM EDT

More allegations are surfacing that actor Liam Hemsworth is ready to leave Miley Cyrus after her twerking performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs.

Raven Symone, Girlfriend Azmarie Livingston Back At It Again? Speculations Emerge After Spotted Together Over Labor Day Weekend [PICS]

Trending News 09.03.13 | 03:19PM EDT

Raven Symone and rumored girlfriend Azmarie Livingston being spotted together over Labor Day weekend has caused more speculation to emerge of whether they are a couple.

Lady Gaga 'ARTPOP' Rejects Azealia Banks Prior to Yung Rapunzel Accusing Mother Monster Of Stealing Her Mermaid Syle

Trending News 08.28.13 | 03:28PM EDT

After Azealia Banks was allegedly cut from Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP," the Yung Rapunzel took to Twitter claiming Mother Monster was jacking her style.

Raven Symone Coming Out Tweet Followed Up By Nude Lesbian Pictures; [See] If It's The Disney Star Or A Copycat

Trending News 08.28.13 | 10:09AM EDT

After Raven Symone shocked the world with her coming out tweet, an alleged nude lesbian photo shoot of the former Disney star is surfacing.

VMAs 2013 Miley Cyrus Gets Slapped By Robin Thicke's Mom Verbally For The Unrated Blurred Lines Performance

Trending News 08.27.13 | 12:18PM EDT

Robin Thicke's mom Gloria Loring had a lot of unpleasant things to say about Miley Cyrus' unrated "Blurred Lines" performance with her son at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

Has Disney Ruined Pixar? Animated Movies Fail At The Box Office, Even Pixar Loses Its Luster

Trending News 08.26.13 | 11:30AM EDT

Since Disney bought Pixar, they have had less critical and box-office success with the exception of Toy Story 3. Recent animated releases have been box-office failures and even Pixar is not immune to the plague.

'The Famous Jett Jackson' and 'Rizzoli & Isles' Star Lee Thompson Young Died From Alleged Suicide; Celebrities React Via Twitter

Trending News 08.19.13 | 08:19PM EDT

Hollywood is left in turmoil after Lee Thompson Young, the actor known for starring in "The Famous Jett Jackson" and "Rizzoli & Isles," was found dead.

Britney Spears New Album Release Date Is Closer Than You Think: Tells Twitter She Is Aiming For Perfection After Trending

Trending News 08.04.13 | 02:07AM EDT

After loyal fans stressed their anticipation for Britney Spears' new album to the point it began to trend, the singer made an attempt to ease their minds by revealing it's coming soon.

Raven Symone's Girlfriend AzMarie Livingston, Still? Burning Question, After Disney Star Declares Being Lesbian via Twitter

Trending News 08.04.13 | 12:37AM EDT

After Raven-Symone recently declared she was a lesbian, inquiring minds are dying to know whether the actress' rumored girlfriend is still AzMarie.

Miley Cyrus Twerking In Music Video Admired By Britney Spears: "We Can't Stop" Singer Will Give Lessons For 'Slave For You' Moves

Trending News 08.01.13 | 07:00AM EDT

After twerking in her music video for "We Can't Stop," Miley Cyrus has managed to snag the admiration of Britney Spears.

Is Disney Building Star Wars Land To Compete With Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World Of Harry Potter?

Trending News 06.14.13 | 08:23PM EDT

Star Wars Land is coming to Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios by 2018.

Disneyland 2013 Update: Saudi Prince Spends Millions Of Dollars On Disneyland World Tour Before Ticket Price Hike And Explosions [VIDEO]

Trending News 06.05.13 | 12:17PM EDT

Disneyland 2013 Update: Saudi Prince spent millions on a Disney world tour before the Disneyland price hike and Disneyland explosions happened.

Disney Price Hike: Disney Discounts And Cheaper Tickets Available Online, Says Insider [VIDEO]

Trending News 06.04.13 | 10:48AM EDT

Despite the Disney price hike, visitors may be able to find Disney discounts deals and cheaper tickets to Disneyland and Disney World online.

Disneyland Price Hike: Is It Worth Going To Disneyland Amidst Explosions And Pricey Tickets? [VIDEO]

Trending News 06.03.13 | 05:03PM EDT

Just after a Disneyland employee had been arrested for placing dry-ice "bombs" in trashcans, Disneyland has decided to raise its entry prices.

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