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Netizens Accuse Rapper Dean Plagiarism & He Responds To The Claims

Hot Issues 08.14.17 | 05:37PM EDT

Netizens Accuse Rapper Dean Plagiarism & He Responds To The Claims

Nicki Minaj Boyfriend Ain't DJ Khaled: "Let It Go, He Was Kidding," She Said About Marriage Proposal

Trending News 07.31.13 | 02:03AM EDT

Recently Nicki Minaj took to the Funkmaster Flex radio show to confirm the marriage proposal from DJ Khaled was only a joke and they are far from boyfriend and girlfriend.

Nicki Minaj DJ Khaled Restraining Order Denied: "They Don't Put Restraining Orders On Bosses," Said Rapper; Proposal Publicity Stunt?

Trending News 07.30.13 | 06:07AM EDT

Claims are being laid to rest that Nicki Minaj filed a restraining order due to being so creeped out by DJ Khaled's MTV marriage proposal, but publicity stunt accusations are forming.

DJ Khaled Proposes to Nicki Minaj Live on MTV, She’s Too Busy Unleashing Cardboard Army to Notice That’s a 10 Karat Diamond He’s Got (Video)

Trending News 07.28.13 | 03:45PM EDT

DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj live on TV. Nicki Minaj immediately launched a scheme to help herself hide from the infatuated DJ Khaled by unleashing an army of cardboard cutouts to distract him. Nicki Minaj was so busy ignoring the proposal, she hasn’t noticed the diamond on that ring is huge.


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