domestic violence

Ray Rice Wins Suspension Appeal: Former Baltimore Ravens Running Back Reinstated To The NFL; Now Eligible To Sign With Any NFL Team [PHOTO]

Trending News 11.29.14 | 10:26AM EST

Ray Rice Appeal

Russell Wilson Creates 'Pass The Peace' Campaign; Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Makes An Effort To Raise Awareness And Funds For Victims Of Domestic Violence [PHOTO]

Trending News 10.02.14 | 01:03PM EDT

Russell Wilson

'The Fappening' Part 2 Victim Hope Solo: Celebrity Photo Leaks Go "Beyond The Bounds Of Human Decency," Soccer Star Insists She's Innocent Of Domestic Violence

Trending News 09.24.14 | 03:43PM EDT

Hope Solo released a statement in which she condemned the leaking of nude photos, and insisted she is innocent of domestic violence.

Queen Latifah Voices Her Opinion On Domestic Violence: Says Domestic Violence Is A Problem 'In Every Part Of Society' And That 'It Is Not A New Problem' [PHOTO]

Trending News 09.20.14 | 07:53PM EDT

Queen Latifah Domestic Violence

Jonathan Dwyer Deactivated: Arizona Cardinals Running Back Head-Butted Wife, Broke Her Nose In Newest NFL Domestic Violence Controversy [PHOTO]

Trending News 09.19.14 | 05:09PM EDT

Jonathan Dwyer

Arizona Cardinals' Jonathan Dwyer Latest NFL Domestic Violence Case, Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Wife

Trending News 09.17.14 | 08:31PM EDT

Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting his wife on two separate occasions.

Kerry Washington Discusses Domestic Violence: 'Scandal' Actress Argues That Financial Abuse Is A Reason For Why Women Feel Trapped In Abusive Relationships [PHOTO]

Trending News 09.17.14 | 04:38PM EDT

Kerry Washington

CoverGirl Ad Altered To Protest NFL: Activists Use Photoshop To Protest Mishandling Of Ray Rice Domestic Violence Controversy; Spread Hashtag #GoodellMustGo [PHOTO]

Trending News 09.16.14 | 09:49PM EDT

CoverGirl Ad NFL

Ray Rice Video [Update]: Domestic Violence In Elevator Seen By NFL Executives In April? Commissioner Roger Goodell Says Footballer May Play Again

Trending News 09.10.14 | 07:06PM EDT

Reports have surfaced that a law enforcement official sent the Ray Rice video to the NFL in April

NFL Announces New Domestic Violence Policy, Establishes Harsh Penalties for Violators; Ray McDonald Arrested Days Later

Trending News 09.02.14 | 08:38PM EDT

NFL Domestic Violence Policy

Dez Bryant Mother Altercation Resolved: Dallas Cowboy WR Made Surprise Appearance At Rally, Says “I’m Done With Domestic Violence”

Trending News 03.25.13 | 03:48AM EDT

Dallas Cowboy Wide Receiver makes a stand against domestic violence. Joins fellow Dallas Cowboy teammates, Dallas city officials.



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