Kim Joo Hyuk's Car Accident Was Caused By Prescription Drugs?

Headlines 11.02.17 | 07:16PM EDT

Kim Joo Hyun's Car Accident Was Caused By Prescription Drugs?


Big Bang's T.O.P No Longer Serving In The Military

Headlines 07.31.17 | 12:29PM EDT

Big Bang's T.O.P No Longer Serving In The Military

Rappers Iron And Kidoh Sentenced To Probation For Drug Charges

Iron and Kidoh jailed for smoking marijuana

Hot Issues 12.02.16 | 04:05PM EST

On November 24, South Korean rappers Iron and Kidoh received suspended jail terms from a district court in Seoul on charges of drug use. The two rappers were charged for the consumption of Marijuana when an acquaintance of theirs was arrested for an attempted theft at a sauna in Gangnam. The guy who was arrested tested positive for drugs, which led to the investigation of others who were suspected of drug use. During the test, both Iron and Kidoh were found positive for use of Marijuana. Iron had already been charged for three counts of marijuana use in the December 2014 and March 2015, while Kidoh was accused of smoking Marijuana in Bangkok bar in October 2015. According to South Korean law, use of Marijuana is banned and it carries a maximum 5 years penalty in prison for using or fine upto 50 million won. Iron was expecting an eight month jail sentence, due to his previous charges. However, he ended up being charged with two-year probation instead. On the other hand Kidoh was charged with one-year probation in place of six-month jail sentence. They are also required to pay fine and attend a rehab for 40 hours. Iron is a solo artist known very well for his role in TV show “Show me The Money” and he recently released his full-length album, ‘ROCKBOTTOM’, which had previous controversy over explicit Kidoh. While Kidoh is a former of the idol group TOPP DOGG and was supposed to hold a tour in the US this December which looks unsure now. Concerning his drug charges, Iron stated in a previous interview, “First of all, as a Korean citizen I went against the law and I am waiting to receive sentence for my wrong doings. However, I don’t think marijuana is a drug.” Both rappers are still active in the music industry, despite the recent drug scandal.


Jay Park Calls Out K-Pop News Website On Twitter

Hot Issues 11.23.15 | 10:28AM EST

The AOMG CEO took offense to a website's use of his image in relation to a drug-related news story.

Charlie Hunnam at the Calvin Klein Collection show in January.

‘Pacific Rim's’ Charlie Hunnam Girlfriend Leaks Details Of Relationship, Couple Engaged?

Trending News 11.21.15 | 12:02PM EST

“Pacific Rim’s” Charlie Hunnam and his girlfriend Morgan McNelis are still going strong despite recent rumors that the jewelry designer had a troubled past that purportedly affected their relationship.

Mischa Barton at the

Mischa Barton Now Back To Her Bad Habits And ‘Partying Hard’? Details Released!

Trending News 08.15.15 | 02:43PM EDT

Mischa Barton seemed to be doing well now as she was last seen appearing at the “Paper Towns” premiere. Rumors abuzz again though that she’s back to her old bad habits.

All About The Party Drug Called Wizard: What It Does And The Dangers It Poses

Trending News 12.04.14 | 09:08PM EST

Why 'wizard' is now a dangerous word

Brittany Murphy Death Update: Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Shines Light on Actors Who Died from Drugs, But Did She?

Trending News 02.07.14 | 01:24PM EST

Brittany Murphy Death Update: Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Shines Light on Actors Who Died from Drugs, But Did She?

Selena Gomez Talks Demi Lovato Rehab, Feud: ‘She's One Of My Inspirations’ After Seeking Treatment For Drug Abuse, Addiction

Trending News 01.23.14 | 03:32PM EST

Selena Gomez opened up about Demi Lovato's rehab and the feud that ensued between the two former best friends. Now, Selena Gomez says she's grateful for having Demi Lovato back in her life after seeking treatment in rehab.

The Deadliest “Flesh-Eating” Krokodil Drug In Russia Injecting Its Way In The U.S. [Graphic Image] – Reports Claim That It Has Been Hitting The Streets Of Ohio!

Trending News 11.03.13 | 10:46AM EST

"It's a zombie drug -- it literally kills you from the inside out"

Miley Cyrus on Drugs: 'I think alcohol is way more dangerous than marijuana'

Trending News 06.21.13 | 07:41AM EDT

Miley Cyrus came clean about drugs to Rolling Stone magazine. A few years ago a video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong went viral on YouTube. Sure, she said she was only smoking salvia, a legal smokable substance, which she later made fun of when she appeared on Saturday Night Live. Miley Cyrus didn’t admit she smoked pot in the new Rolling Stone interview with Rob Tannenbaum, but she didn’t deny it.

Lindsay Lohan Gives Last Interview to Piers Morgan On Drug Use, Sexuality Before Her 90-Day Rehab

Trending News 05.06.13 | 08:48AM EDT

Actress Goes into Detail on her lifestyle choices With Drugs and Sex


Lee Hyori expresses her discomfort with a politician

Hot Issues 01.06.12 | 02:41PM EST

Singer Lee Hyori expressed her unhappy thoughts towards the comments made by politician Jeon Yuh Ok.


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