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Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Murder-Suicide Of Rapper Earl Hayes And Wife, VH1 ‘Hit The Floor’ Star Stephanie Moseley On FaceTime

Trending News 12.09.14 | 05:31PM EST

Floyd Mayweather was allegedly on FaceTime during the murder-suicide of rapper Earl Hayes and wife Stephanie Moseley of VH1's "Hit the Floor."

Stephanie Moseley Dead As 'Hit The Floor' Actress Was Apparently Shot By Her Husband Rapper Earl Hayes In An Alleged Murder Cum Suicide Incident!

Trending News 12.09.14 | 05:45AM EST

In a shocking incident, Stephanie Moseley, popular dancer and actress, last seen in the cheerleader drama titled Hit The Floor was shot to death by her husband Rapper Earl Hayes. The 30 year old actress and her husband were found dead lying inside an apartment in the Park La Brea Section of Los Angeles on Monday.



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