EXO attend the Calvin Klein Collection Hosts a special one-night exhibition entitled 'Infinite Loop' organized by the New Museum of Contemporary Art at the Seoul Railway Station on May 24, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea.

EXO's Chanyeol Is About To Debut For TV Drama, Following Another Success In Acting

Hot Issues 01.13.17 | 01:44PM EST

It is another challnege for EXO Chanyeol to act on TV Drama. He will be appear on "Missing Nine". He has succeeded before for his role in Drama and for this time, he needs to adapt well so hewaill get another success.

Global Star EXO To Stage “EXO PLANET


Hot Issues 01.17.17 | 10:35PM EST

Global Star EXO will be touring Singapore and stage their EXO PLANET #3 concert on April 2nd.

Girl's Generation Sunny

Artists Who Grew Out Of Their Baby Faces

Hot Issues 01.09.17 | 12:55PM EST

Here is the list of few artists who started their career at a very young age and went on to become a very well-known celebrity today.

EXO Baekhyun on one of his instagram pictures.

EXO CBX Allow Fans To See Their On And Off Screen On Behind The Scene Of "Crush U" MV

Hot Issues 01.06.17 | 10:15AM EST

EXO BTS released their song "Crush U" a month ago as an OST of online game company "Blade and Soul". They collborated with Yoon Sang and recently they shared their behind the scene, allowing the fans to see them on and off screen.

 Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung of Korean boy band Big Bang attend the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 at the Odyssey Arena on November 6, 2011 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Idols Who Survive Well For Being Teased A Lot By Other Members

Hot Issues 01.06.17 | 09:40AM EST

Among some idols who survive for getting teased a lot are Bigbang's Seungri, VIXX's Leo, and EXO's DO. They are known to gave strong personality and do not get bothered by the tease from other members.

 EXO perform during the opening ceremony for the Opening Ceremony ahead of the 2014 Asian Games at Incheon Asiad Stadium on September 19, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea.

EXO's Chen Again Showed His Generousity by Giving Donation Secretly

Hot Issues 01.05.17 | 11:51AM EST

EXO's Chen donated some money for the project called Young Meets Entrepreneurship. It was a project for helping adults to start their own business. He is really generous and he often does charity secretly on his own to help others in need.

Junhoe, Xiumin, Nichkhun, Jungkook

9 K-POP Idols Whose Appearance Defy Their Age!

Headlines 12.31.16 | 05:26AM EST

Check out these artists whose age is overshadowed by their appearance.

Lay and the rest of EXO members arrive for the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards at the Olympic Park on January 28, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

Lay EXO Finds it Hard to do Romance Scene and Doesn't Want to do it Anymore in the Future

Headlines 12.30.16 | 11:52AM EST

Lay EXO was asked during the drama promotion event in Chine and explained that it was hard for him to do romantic scene since he is conservative. He is uncomfortable with that and dont want to do it anymore in the future.

The cover photo of EXO Christmas album

EXO and its sub-unit sells more than 2 million album in 2016

Headlines 12.30.16 | 04:37AM EST

The boy group EXO is reported to sell more than 2 million album within 2016. They have just released the new album titled “For Life.”

Cover of Tao’s single “Black White” released July 2016.

Former EXO member Tao co-stars in the new Jacky Chan film; Moving forward after ending legal battle with former agency

Headlines 12.28.16 | 12:09PM EST

Tao is co-starring with Jacky Chan in “Railroad Tigers” movie and prepares for three movie projects in 2017. He has moved forward after ending the lawsuit with former agency SM Entertainment.

Girl’s Generation, Sistar, SHINee, Infinite, EXO, Big Bang, Beast, 2NE1 and Shinhwa

Girl’s Generation, Sistar, SHINee, Infinite, EXO, Big Bang, Beast, 2NE1 and Shinhwa are some of the Kpop Group With Most Number Of Music Show Wins.

Headlines 12.28.16 | 04:25AM EST

List of Kpop groups ans thier number of wins on a music show. Girl’s Generationtops the list of groups with most number of music show wins.

SM, YG, JYP, Big Hit, Pledis

TOP K-Pop Companies Reveal their Plans for 2017

Headlines 12.27.16 | 02:35AM EST

The 'big three' companies SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment along with up and coming companies like Big Hit Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment have all revealed the plans they have for 2017


Best Male K-Pop Idols Turned Actor of 2016

Trending News 12.26.16 | 01:30AM EST

Here is the list of few K-Pop Idols who turned themselves from singer to actor.

@star1 magazine cover January 2017 issue

Did Suho ever regret debuting as EXO?

Trending News 12.23.16 | 02:04AM EST

EXO"s leader Suho is featured on @star1 magazine. He reminiscences about his 5 years career together with one of Korea's biggest boygroups.

KpopStarz Awards 2016 - K-Pop Song, Group, Artist, Rookie of the Year - Result

TWICE, EXO, Jackson, and BLACKPINK Among the Winners in KpopStarz 2016 Best Of K-Pop Awards!

Trending News 12.22.16 | 10:26AM EST

TWICE's "Cheer Up" and GOT7's member Jackson were named the best song and artist of 2016 while EXO and BLACKPINK were selected as this year's best group and best rookie group.

Sub Units That Needs To Happen – SHY, EXO, Red Velvet and Blackpink

Sub Units That Needs To Happen – SHY, EXO, Red Velvet and Blackpink

Hot Issues 12.21.16 | 11:55PM EST

List of sub units that needs to happen – SHY, EXO, Red Velvet and Blackpink.

K-Pop Maknaes

Famous K-Pop Maknaes, Then & Now

Features 12.22.16 | 08:13AM EST

Check out these then and now images of famous k-pop maknaes.

Special Stages That Fans Want To Happen But Will Never Happen – EXO and BTS, Twice and Blackpink, Mamamoo and Spica

Special Stages That Fans Want To Happen But Will Never Happen – EXO and BTS, Twice and Blackpink, Mamamoo and Spica

Hot Issues 12.21.16 | 11:56PM EST

List of special stages that fans want to happen but will never happen – EXO and BTS, Twice and Blackpink, Mamamoo and Spica.


The 7 Most Followed K-Pop Idols on Instagram of 2016

Headlines 12.20.16 | 09:46PM EST

Check out 2016's most followed k-pop stars!

EXO Will Never Let Go Their Fans ‘For Life’ With New Winter MV

EXO Will Never Let Go Their Fans ‘For Life’ With New Winter MV

Headlines 12.19.16 | 04:02AM EST

EXO has released their winter song "For Life" and its winter music video. They have also released a mini album with the same name.

EXO’s teasers for “For Life” winter album released

Headlines 12.18.16 | 09:54PM EST

Take a peek over EXO's latest teasers for 'For Life'.

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