These Are Some of Korea's Most Expensive Products & The Price Will Leave You Shook

Features 09.20.17 | 10:35PM EDT

These Are Some of Korea's Most Expensive Products & The Price Will Leave You Shook

lily of the valley

Most expensive flowers!

Trendz 09.18.14 | 10:44AM EDT

Even if most flowers are very affordable (maybe a few dollars for a bouquet), some people will go the extremes to lay hands on the rarest, most beautiful flowers the world has seen. If you are wondering what these are, here’s a list of the top ten most expensive flowers in the world.

Great Belt Fixed Link, Denmark

Most expensive bridge ever built!

Trendz 09.17.14 | 03:52AM EDT

The Great Belt Fixed Link, one of the most magnificent bridges in the entire world. The Danish islands of Zealand and Funen were separated by the Great Belt, a body of water that effectively cuts Denmark into two. Up until the opening of the bridge in 1997, the only way to cross the Great Belt was by ferry. The construction cost $4.4 billion and took over 10 years, but the end result meant that commuting between the two islands took 10 minutes by car instead of 1 hour by ferry.

Big Bang with their fans

The High Cost Of Being A K-Pop Fan

Features 09.13.14 | 11:11AM EDT

A look at the pricey side of being a super fan: CDs, concert tickets, and merchandise all carry lofty price tag - and some fans break the bank going for it all.

wedding shoe

Most expensive wedding shoes

Trendz 09.12.14 | 01:32AM EDT

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, what does that make shoes with diamonds adorning them – her soul mate, perhaps? When a man asks a woman what she wants, it’s not as difficult to figure out as he might think: If female fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw is anything to go by the answer is, very often, shoes. It’s no secret that women love shoes, and the more attractive, fancy, and stylish the shoes are, the better.


Most Expensive Cheese in the World

Trendz 08.19.14 | 05:42AM EDT

Good cheese is as elegant and as tetchy a subject as good wine or chocolate, and fine cheeses have always been synonymous with good taste. Perhaps it’s the fact some of the finest cheese pairs so well with wine, or perhaps it’s the rich and storied history of cheesemaking that lends a sort of luxuriousness to the famous food.

FIFA World Cup Accommodation Rates Expected To Spike Up As The Event Approaches; But There Is A Cheaper Alternate For Fans

Trending News 12.28.13 | 08:48PM EST

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil next year is treated as one of the most prestigious and grandest sports event in the world and for fans who are hoping to witness such elite competition, expect prices of tickets and accommodation to be at their grandest, too.


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