Female Idols Whose Legs Might Be SKinnier Than A Twig

10.13.17 | 10:20PM EDT

Female Idols Whose Legs Might Be SKinnier Than A Twig


MBC Apologizes For Mistakenly Saying TWICE Member Dahyun Died

Headlines 02.24.16 | 12:52AM EST

The subtitle appeared while Dahyun was being introduced on the show.

Hyosung Completes Line Up For Fourth Season Of Real Man - Female Soldier Edition

Secret's Hyosung Completes Troop Lineup For 4th Season Of 'Real Man - Female Soldier Edition'

Stars on TV / Movies 02.12.16 | 10:27AM EST

The lineup for this edition also includes members from girl groups Twice, After School, and Fietar, as well as a couple of actresses.

New Ghostbusters Movie Will Not Be Connected To Previous Movies; Director Paul Feig Says Kate Dippold Will Co Write The Female Led Film [PHOTO]

Trending News 10.09.14 | 02:31PM EDT

Ghostbusters 3


Top 7 Korean Female Stars with Perfect Figures

Trendz 08.19.14 | 12:07PM EDT

The summer vacation season's just around the corner, and a lot of interest is paid on the stars with fabulous figures, And among the many stars, there are a few Korean top stars who are known for their perfect figures.

2NE1 CL New Single! -

2NE1 CL New Single! - "Baddest Female" Inspired Make-Up

Trendz 08.16.14 | 02:00PM EDT

This is a makeup tutorial inspired by 2NE1 CL New single "Baddest Female. Enjoy!


The Baddest Female CL Makeup Tutorial

Trendz 08.07.14 | 05:14PM EDT

CL is the 2NE1′s leader, rapper and vocalist. With her extraordinary charisma on stage, CL possess all the qualities that an entertainer should possess. Be it rap, vocals dance, performance etc, she is almost perfectly equipped with these skills. Not only is she adept musically, because she was lived in France and other countries in her youth, she speaks 4 languages, including Korean, English, Japanese and French. She is a versatile artiste with a global feel that will show you WOMAN POWER. Here is one of the makeup tutorial inspired by CL.


Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Chosen As The Best CF Stars Of 2013

Fashion & Style 11.09.13 | 03:24AM EST


Female Inmates Sterilized in California Prisons; Repeatedly Coerced

Trending News 07.08.13 | 08:57AM EDT

Female inmates sterilized in California prisons from 2006 to 2010 without the required approvals from the state, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting. In a violation of rules, at least 148 female inmates were sterilized using tubal ligations. State documents and interviews show that there may be hundreds more dating back to the 1990s.

Joss Whedon Wants More Female Superheroes; Buffy creator is `Pissed Off’ that Women Get the Short End

Trending News 06.09.13 | 02:08PM EDT

Joss Whedon wants to see more female superheroes in films. Joss Whedon says he always includes strong women in his projects and is angry that other filmmakers overlook powerful women.

One Victim Dies After Female Suicide Bomber Blows Herself Up In Russian Region of Dagestan; Boston Marathon Bomber Spent Six Months in Dagestan (Video)

Trending News 05.26.13 | 09:52AM EDT

A woman who was wounded after a female suicide bomber blew herself up in the southern Russian region of Dagestan has died of her wounds.

Jerry Lewis: Female Comedians Still Don’t Make Me Laugh; `It Bothers Me’

Trending News 05.24.13 | 07:46AM EDT

Jerry Lewis says female comedians still don’t make him laugh.

Female Solo Artists Taking Over, 'The Golden Age'

Female Solo Artists Taking Over, 'The Golden Age'

Headlines 11.15.12 | 08:34AM EST

It has become the 'golden age' of female solo artists.

Seo In Young-HyunA-Lee Ha Yi, Female Solo Artists on the Rise

Seo In Young-HyunA-Lee Ha Yi, Female Solo Artists on the Rise

Headlines 10.24.12 | 03:13AM EDT

Solo female artists have been taking over the male solo artists this fall.


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