Floyd Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Not Ready To Retire; 'Pacman' Gets Floyd Mayweather's Seal Of Approval?

Trending News 09.10.15 | 10:35AM EDT

Despite Top Rank boss Bob Arum's statement that Manny Pacquiao will retire next year, the Filipino congressman quickly dismissed the suggestion.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey, Floyd Mayweather Match On? UFC Star Disses 'Money' At ESPY Awards 2015; Boxing Champ Yet To Respond

Trending News 07.16.15 | 08:41PM EDT

Ronda Rousey won the 2015 ESPY Awards for Best Fighter of the Year, beating Floyd Mayweather for the plum, and the UFC women's champ made sure the undefeated boxer knows about it.

Manny Pacquiao

Muhammad Ali Roots For Manny Pacquiao In Match Vs Floyd Mayweather, Jr Amid Concerns Of 'Pacman's' Leg Cramps

Trending News 03.31.15 | 09:17PM EDT

Muhammad Ali is team Pacquiao all the way leading up to the mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather on May 2. Meanwhile, reports are filtering in that the Filipino champ is suffering from leg cramps during training.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Lean Towards Manny Pacquiao Over Floyd Mayweather? Filipino Champ 'Pacman' Draws In Crowd During Outdoor Workout

Trending News 03.15.15 | 10:49PM EDT

Mike Tyson thinks that Manny Pacquiao has the style that can defeat Floyd Mayweather in their mega fight in May.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather In Fighting Form As He Prepares For Mega Bout With Manny Pacquiao; 'Money' Knocks Down Practice Partner

Trending News 03.09.15 | 11:43PM EDT

Urban legend tells it that Floyd Mayweather knocked out his sparring partner while preparing for his mega fight with Manny Pacquiao.

50 Cent

50 Cent Puts Feud With Floyd Mayweather Aside As He Roots For 'Money' In Mega Bout Versus Manny Pacquiao

Trending News 03.05.15 | 10:17PM EST

Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, and Floyd Mayweather might have a fued in the past, but the rapper isn't going to put that issue over the chance to make big bucks as "Money" embarks in a mega bout against Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Mega Fight: Fighters Not As Good As In Their Prime? 'Pacman' Records Theme Song For Bout Against 'Money'

Trending News 03.01.15 | 06:33AM EST

A long-time commentator voiced out what many believed: Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao's mega fight is six years too late.

Amir Khan

Amir Khan Predicts Floyd Mayweather To Take Home Bout Against Manny Pacquiao; Mega Fight May Not 'Live Up To The Massive Hype?'

Trending News 02.22.15 | 03:22AM EST

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio's fight is explosive but reportedly not as much had it happened four years ago. Amid all the hype, Amir Khan predicted that the mega-fight bout-which would gross around $400 million, with "Money" getting 60% to "Pacman's" 40%--would be a doozefest.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather's Instagram Post Hints Fight With Manny Pacquiao Definitely On?

Trending News 02.09.15 | 04:15PM EST

Is Floyd Mayweather hinting the fight with Manny Pacquiao will push through?

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Debunks News On Manny Pacquiao Next Fight But Bob Arum Says Deal Almost Done

Trending News 02.01.15 | 08:54PM EST

Floyd Mayweather nixed news reports of his next fight with Manny Pacquiao as a done deal, belying Bob Arum's claim that the contract is about to be signed.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather News: Money Says He's Rich But May Be Worth A Whole Lot More If He Were White

Trending News 12.22.14 | 11:04PM EST

Money thinks he's be richer if he were born in a different race

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Floyd Mayweather Bout Finally Coming? 'Money' Says 'Let's Make It Happen'

Trending News 12.17.14 | 09:13PM EST

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have been circling each other for the past five years now but the bout could actually happen next year with "Money" challenging the Filipino champ's camp to "make it happen."

Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather: Filipino Professional Boxer Manny Pacquiao Responds To Floyd Mayweather's Challenge As Pacman Claims Mayweather Has 'Reached A Dead End'

Trending News 12.16.14 | 06:53AM EST

Filipino professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao has vowed to chase Floyd Mayweather into ring submission after the undefeated American offered to fight him next year.

Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Murder-Suicide Of Rapper Earl Hayes And Wife, VH1 ‘Hit The Floor’ Star Stephanie Moseley On FaceTime

Trending News 12.09.14 | 05:31PM EST

Floyd Mayweather was allegedly on FaceTime during the murder-suicide of rapper Earl Hayes and wife Stephanie Moseley of VH1's "Hit the Floor."

Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr Next Fight: Money Wants A Bigger Chunk Of The Revenue If A Fight With Pacman Happens

Trending News 12.08.14 | 11:38PM EST

Money will only fight if he gets the bigger revenue

Floyd Mayweather Celebrates Thanksgiving With Girlfriend Doralie Medina, Batting Away Ex Fiancee Abortion Lawsuit From Shantel Jackson And In Bubble Bath

Trending News 11.29.14 | 03:58PM EST

Floyd Mayweather, true to his style, spent this year’s Thanksgiving as dramatically and luxuriously as he possibly could.

Ronda Rousey News: 'Rowdy' Not Backing Fight Between Man And Woman? MMA Rankings Prove 'Expendables 3' Star Still The Best Woman Bantamweight

Trending News 10.22.14 | 09:46PM EDT

The latest Ronda Rousey news has the women's champ raring to fight anybody, man or woman, as the MMA rankings proved that the "Expendable's 3" star remains the best bantamweight queen.

Shirtless Justin Bieber Trains With Floyd Mayweather: Launch of Boxing Career?

Trending News 10.19.14 | 02:28PM EDT

Is the Biebs giving up his career for boxing?

Floyd Mayweather News: Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Roots For Team Money; Pound-For-Pound King Wins Big From Betting

Trending News 10.07.14 | 08:03PM EDT

Floyd Mayweather news reveal that Michael Jackson's son Prince is a big fan, as the pound-for-pound king gets a big win from gambling.

Mayweather 50 Cent Son Feud: Bad Blood Intensifies After Rapper's Son Says He's Part Of 'Team Mayweather' Now

Trending News 09.29.14 | 12:14PM EDT

50 Cent's son has joined his dad's feud with Floyd Mayweather -- but took the opposite side


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