Logan Lerman Frustrated By Lack Of Oscar Buzz? ‘Fury’ Actor Rethinks Future Movies, Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario Support Him Despite Age Difference?

Trending News 12.11.14 | 09:57PM EST

Logan Lerman may be feeling a little frustrated because of the lack of Oscar buzz that he had been expecting.

Logan Lerman Eligible For Sexiest Man Alive? ‘Fury’ Actor Mans Up Against Brad Pitt And Shia LaBeouf, Preps Himself For Academy Awards Season

Trending News 11.24.14 | 01:44AM EST

Logan Lerman has quickly shed his teen boy image for ‘Fury’. Will he be eligible to make it to Sexiest Man Alive list that People make every year?

Logan Lerman Gets Vulgar For Fury: ‘Percy Jackson’ Actor Admits Brad Pitt Is Fitter, Greets Korean And Japanese Fans At Red Carpet Events In Asia

Trending News 11.15.14 | 10:54PM EST

Logan Lerman isn’t a cute young boy anymore and he would like the whole world to know that!

Brad Pitt Premieres 'Fury' at Time Square in Seoul with Logan Lerman

Brad Pitt Premieres 'Fury' at Time Square in Seoul with Logan Lerman - Nov 13, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Events 11.14.14 | 12:51PM EST

Brad Pitt Premieres 'Fury' at Time Square in Seoul with Logan Lerman - Nov 13, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Logan Lerman Turns Into Real Man Under Brad Pitt And Shia LaBeouf Guidance: GQ Snags ‘Fury’ Actor Before Oscar Buzz

Trending News 11.10.14 | 10:55PM EST

Logan Lerman is turning into a real man right under our noses thanks to Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf.

Logan Lerman Praises Emma Watson UN Women Speech: Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario Despite Age Difference Does Not Mind ‘Noah’ Actress and ‘Fury’ Actor’s Interaction

Trending News 11.05.14 | 02:57AM EST

Logan Lerman may have tried to rekindle his relationship with Emma Watson by saying some really nice things about her UN Women speech.

Logan Lerman ‘All Testosterone’ In Fury: ‘Percy Jackson’ Star Avoids Romantic Relationships On Screen, Keeps Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario And Guns For Oscar Nomination

Trending News 10.28.14 | 09:44AM EDT

Logan Lerman is the youngest actor in ‘Fury’, but his “all testosterone” performance may just get him the Oscar nomination that he has been hunkering after

Logan Lerman Leaves ‘Percy Jackson’ Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario For Fame? ‘Fury’ Actor Fought With Brad Pitt To Break Barriers, ‘Fury’ Beats ‘Gone Girl’ In Box Office

Trending News 10.20.14 | 01:47AM EDT

Is Logan Lerman ditching his ‘Percy Jackson’ girlfriend Alexandra Daddario for more acclaim and fame?

‘Gone Girl’ Book Sales Continue To Soar Following Release Of Movie; ‘Gone Girl’ Movie Dethroned By ‘Fury’ At Box Office

Trending News 10.19.14 | 09:26PM EDT

Following the release of "Gone Girl" movie, "Gone Girl" book continue to receive recognition which is proven by the soaring book sales.

Logan Lerman And Alexandra Daddario To Continue Love Story On ‘Fury’ Premiere? ‘Noah’ Actor Praises Shia LaBeouf And Brad Pitt, Eyes Oscar Nomination

Trending News 10.10.14 | 02:02AM EDT

Logan Lerman may continue his love story with Alexandra Daddario at ‘Fury’ premiere!

Shia LaBeouf ‘Fury’ Role Prompted Him To Cut Own Face And Have Tooth Pulled Out; Logan Lerman Reveals What Co-Star Did To Make Role Look Realistic

Trending News 10.06.14 | 07:41PM EDT

To prove how much Shia LaBeouf's "Fury" role matters, the 28-year-old actor resorted to cutting his own face and having one of his teeth pulled out.

Logan Lerman Outshines Brad Pitt In ‘Fury’ Exclusive Clip: Release Date Pushed Forward to October 17, ‘Noah’ Star To Take Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario To Premiere?

Trending News 10.04.14 | 02:38AM EDT

Logan Lerman just outshined Brad Pitt in the newly released clip from the upcoming movie ‘Fury’.

Logan Lerman Outshines Robert Pattinson On Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grant Banquet Red Carpet: ‘Fury’ Actor Pulls Out Big Guns For Oscar Nomination

Trending News 09.10.14 | 10:39PM EDT

Logan Lerman outshined Robert Pattinson on the red carpet of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet.

[PHOTO] Logan Lerman Fury Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery: Oscar Buzz Surrounding Noah Actor, Keeps Relationship With Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario Quiet

TV / Drama 08.31.14 | 07:00PM EDT

If you need some Logan Lerman loving to tide you over until ‘Fury’ comes out in cinemas, this behind-the-scenes photo gallery will certainly do the trick!

Logan Lerman Oscar Buzz Film ‘Fury’ To Hit Cinemas Before Seth Rogen’s ‘Interview’: Will Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario Accompany ‘Noah’ Actor On Red Carpet?

Trending News 08.13.14 | 10:53AM EDT

Listen up Logan Lerman fans. His newest movie ‘Fury’ will hit cinemas sooner than you think! Will his rumored girlfriend Alexandra Daddario accompany Logan Lerman on red carpet?

Shia LaBeouf Arrest Intervention: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Want To Offer A ‘Helping Hand’, Pitt Concerned About Twitter-Mocked ‘Fury’ Co-Star

Trending News 07.18.14 | 12:55PM EDT

Shia LaBeouf's arrest in NYC and behavior on "Fury" set has Brad and Angelina concerned.

Logan Lerman Gets Oscar Buzz And Shirtless For ‘Fury’: Is ‘Noah’ Actor Still Dating Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario? Watch Trailer Here [VIDEO]

Trending News 06.26.14 | 11:52AM EDT

Another year, another WWII Nazi movie. But with each year passing, Logan Lerman seems to get hotter!

Brad Pitt 'Fury' Trailer Released: 'Inglorious Basterds' Star Plays WW2 Tank Commander, Joined By 'Transformers' Shia LeBeouf: Watch It Here [VIDEO]

Trending News 06.25.14 | 03:24PM EDT

The trailer for Brad Pitt's newest movie 'Fury' has been released

Fury Film Cast Drama! Brad Pitt Tortures Logan Lerman, Shia Labeouf Pulls Out Tooth, Cast Disturbs Quiet English Countryside; Watch Trailer Here [VIDEO]

Trending News 06.11.14 | 11:20PM EDT

The film 'Fury' has been gaining quite a bit of momentum recently with the release of its pre-trailer. This movie, about the lives of five soldiers in WWII, has even been getting pre-Oscars buzz and had the critics wondering if Brad Pitt will get his fourth nominations from 'Fury'.

Fury Actor Logan Lerman Is Growing Up! He Gets Serious With Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario, Confirms No More Percy Jackson, Poses Shirtless For Magazine

Trending News 06.11.14 | 10:39PM EDT

Logan Lerman is now all grown up! He has graduated the high school world of 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', now does serious WWII movies like 'Fury' and looks to get serious with his long-time girlfriend Alexandra Daddario.

'Percy Jackson' Movie 3 News: 'Titans Curse' Far From Happening? Logan Lerman Thinks Producers Might Not Have Plans Of Creating Follow-Up Film

Trending News 05.02.14 | 09:40PM EDT



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