g-dragon, taeyang, kwanghee

Big Bang's G-Dragon Shares A New Photo With Taeyang & ZE:A's Kwanghee Taken While Shooting 'Infinity Challenge'

Buzz 07.21.15 | 06:04AM EDT

Big Bang's members G-Dragon and Taeyang revealed a picture with ZE:A's member Kwanghee.

G-Dragon Kristen Stewart Julianne Moore

Dazed Highlights G-Dragon As A Fashion Icon In Paris With 5 Eye-Popping Music Videos

Hot Issues 07.18.15 | 11:29AM EDT

Big Bang's leader has long been considered one of the leaders of South Korean fashion.

big bang g-dragon seungri bright smile

G-Dragon And Seungri Tease For Big Bang's 'MADE' Series 'E' Release On Instagram

Headlines 07.16.15 | 10:00AM EDT

G-dragon uploaded two photos, one with a simple caption of "E." Meanwhile, Seungri also uploaded two photos, with his hint being a hashtag that says "Made Series E."


Big Bang's G-Dragon Shares Two New Contrasting Images On Instagram

Buzz 07.15.15 | 03:20AM EDT

Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed contrasting pictures.

Big Bang Sober

Big Bang Take Us Behind The Scenes Of 'Sober'

Headlines 07.13.15 | 12:31PM EDT

The five members of Big Bang take fans onto the set of "Sober" in a new video released by YG Entertainment.

Big Bang MADE World Tour Bangkok Poster

G-Dragon Thanks Fans For 'Amazing' Big Bang ‘MADE’ World Tour Concert In Bangkok

Headlines 07.12.15 | 11:43AM EDT

G-Dragon posted a couple of thank-you messages for fans that attended the group’s 'MADE' World Tour concerts in Bangkok, Thailand.

K-Pop Crossover: Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld Includes Big Bang's G-Dragon In A Chanel 'Graduation' Photo

Designer Karl Lagerfeld Includes Big Bang's G-Dragon In Chanel 'Graduation' Photo

Headlines 07.10.15 | 10:10AM EDT

The Big Bang leader appeared in a photo shared on the brand's official Facebook page.

G-Dragon with Kanye West

G-Dragon Uploads Photo With Kanye West, Hits 5 Million Followers

Buzz 07.10.15 | 04:02AM EDT

G-Dragon continues to dominate on Instagram with celebrity selfies and an impressive 5 million followers.


Big Bang's G-Dragon Attends Chanel Fashion Show

Buzz 07.09.15 | 01:54AM EDT

Big Bang's member G-Dragon attended the Chanel fashion show along with top Hollywood celebrities, catching much attention.


G-Dragon Snaps A Photo With Johnny Depp's Daughter

Buzz 07.09.15 | 02:14AM EDT

Group Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed a picture with the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp's daughter Rose Melody Depp.

G-Dragon Kristen Stewart Julianne Moore

G-Dragon, Kristen Stewart And Julianne Moore Serve As Fashion Muses At Chanel Haute Couture Show In Paris

Headlines 07.08.15 | 08:47AM EDT

G-Dragon and other A-list celebrities became high-roller muses in Chanel’s Fall Haute Couture show in Paris.


Big Bang's G-Dragon Looks Slick With Red Hair And Black Suit

Buzz 07.08.15 | 02:27PM EDT

Group Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed himself in a suit.


G-Dragon Explains The Inspiration Behind 'If You'

Headlines 07.02.15 | 02:52AM EDT

On this week's episode of Mnet's "Countdown Live" talk show, the Big Bang members appeared as guests to discuss their latest MADE Series release, 'D.'

G-Dragon Sends A Heart To His Fans

Fans Uncover Clip Of G-Dragon Singing 'Sober' At 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Headlines 07.01.15 | 09:06AM EDT

It turns out that Big Bang's new song "Sober" is not entirely new as fans recognize parts from G-Dragon's live performances two years ago.

Big Bang 'Sober'

Big Bang Gets 'Sober' For Latest Music Video

Headlines 06.30.15 | 12:46PM EDT

After a week of teasing, Big Bang has revealed their fifth 'MADE Series' music video for "Sober."

Big Bang

Big Bang Reveal Track List For July’s 'D' Release From Group's MADE Series

Headlines 06.29.15 | 08:49AM EDT

The track list poster also revealed that G-Dragon and rapper member T.O.P were heavily involved in creating the July tracks.

Big Bang 'Sober'

Big Bang Reveals Second 'D Series' Poster For 'Sober'

Headlines 06.27.15 | 01:52PM EDT

Big Bang reveal second official teaser poster ahead of their 'D Series' comeback on July 1.

Big Bang Vogue Magazine July Photoshoot Fashion 2015

Vogue Releases Individual Close-Ups Of Big Bang Members

Fashion & Style 06.27.15 | 12:02PM EDT

Vogue has released beauty close-ups of all five Big Bang members! The group starred in a high fashion off-the-grid photoshoot featured in the July issue.

Big Bang 'If You'

Big Bang Unveil Poster For Upcoming 'D Series' Single 'If You'

Headlines 06.26.15 | 02:12PM EDT

Big Bang reveal official teaser poster ahead of their 'D Series' comeback on July 1.

g-dragon, yoo byung jae

Big Bang's G-Dragon Responds To Yoo Byung Jae's Video Message

Buzz 06.26.15 | 04:52AM EDT

Group Big Bang's member G-Dragon accepted Yoo Byung Jae's offer to be friends, bringing laughter to his fans.

G-Dragon's Song Composition Claims Against SHINee Shot Down

G-Dragon's Annual Earnings From Song Royalties Add Up To An Impressive Sum

Hot Issues 06.25.15 | 11:30AM EDT

With a reported 147 songs under his belt, Big Bang leader and YG Entertainment composer-producer G-Dragon is certainly raking in the dough.

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