5 Korean Drinking Games Every Korean Recommends Playing

Features 08.11.17 | 09:59PM EDT

5 Korean Drinking Games Every Korean Recommends Playing

Pokemon GO

Nintendo NX Specs Better Than PS4’s? ‘Pokémon GO!’ To Be Console’s Main Game?

Trending News 04.27.16 | 10:53PM EDT

There are speculations that the Nintendo NX specs could be more powerful than that of the PS4.

Persona 5

‘Persona 5’ Release Date Was Meant To Be A Hoax?

Trending News 04.25.16 | 09:51PM EDT

A few days ago, the "Persona 5" release date was announced in the game's official website in the form of a countdown.


‘Pokémon’ Live Action: Movie Rights At Stake?

Trending News 04.18.16 | 09:11PM EDT

Recently, there has been talk of making "Pokémon" into a live action film.

Persona 5

‘Persona 5’ Release Date May Happen By End Of 2016 Or Early 2017

Trending News 04.14.16 | 10:46AM EDT

There are many speculations that the "Persona 5" release date will be pushed towards the end of 2016 or to early 2017.


Nintendo NX Specs To Have Latest AMD Chip?

Trending News 04.12.16 | 09:23PM EDT

The Nintendo NX specs may be using the latest technology from AMD for its console.


‘Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness’ PS4 And PS Vita Confirmed For September

Trending News 04.12.16 | 09:19PM EDT

PlayStation has announced the "Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness" PS4 and PS Vita game's release date.

Pokemon GO

‘Pokémon GO!’ Release Date Coming This Year; Game To Feature Microtransactions?

Trending News 03.31.16 | 10:37AM EDT

The "Pokémon GO!" release date will be happening this year. What is still unknown, though, is when exactly it will be.

Dota 2

'Dota 2' ESL One Frankfurt European Open Qualifiers Announced!

Trending News 03.28.16 | 07:35PM EDT

The European open qualifier's registration for the upcoming ESL One Frankfurt 2016 "Dota 2" tournament is now ongoing.

Heroes of the Storm

‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Patch: Draft Lobbies To Include Hero Bans

Trending News 03.26.16 | 10:52AM EDT

The upcoming "Heroes of the Storm" patch will include major changes in the draft lobbies.

Heroes of the Storm

‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Summer Global Circuit: Prize Pool Over $1 Million!

Trending News 03.24.16 | 09:57PM EDT

The "Heroes of the Storm" Summer Global Circuit's prize pool has been set to be over $1.2 million.

Tokyo Ghoul

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Release Date Coming This Year? Anime To Have Mobile Game?

Trending News 03.23.16 | 05:22AM EDT

There are speculations that the "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 release date will finally happen this year.

No Man's Sky

No DLC For 'Different' And 'Innovative' 'No Man's Sky' Game

Trending News 03.19.16 | 12:10AM EDT

There will be no DLCs after the "No Man's Sky" game's release date.

Draymond Green

Milwaukee Bucks Vs. Golden State Warriors Get Into Post-Game Brawl?

Trending News 12.19.15 | 06:48AM EST

Forward Draymond Green and shooting guard O.J. Mayo got into a heated exchange at the end of the game.

Attack On The Titan

'Attack On Titan' Game To Make Its Debut In 2016, Join the Survey Corps And Help Eliminate The Titans!

Trending News 08.06.15 | 09:52PM EDT

The world of "Attack On Titan" has a new addition.

CSJH Stephanie

Former CSJH The Grace Member Stephanie To Make Solo Comeback With 'Prisoner'

Headlines 08.06.15 | 11:06AM EDT

The singer will make her solo comeback with a new sound on August 12.


'The Grand Tournament' Is The Exciting Upcoming Expansion of 'Hearthstone'

Trending News 07.30.15 | 10:50PM EDT

Calling all worthy knights for the battle for fame and glory!

Bowler Scores Perfect 300 Game On TV, But Only After A Nerve-Racking Moment

Bowler Scores Perfect 300 Game On TV, But Only After A Nerve-Racking Moment

Trendz 01.04.15 | 09:12PM EST

On the bowler's eleventh throw, it looked like one pin might not fall but luckily another rolled over to knock it down.

Yura and Hong Jong Hyun

Yura & Hong Jong Hyun Nearly Lock Lips Playing The Pepero Game On 'We Got Married'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.14.14 | 11:42AM EDT

An intimate encounter for two of the 'We Got Married' stars

Android Apps Free Download: 'Flappy Bird' Successor 'Swing Copters' Will Make You Throw Your Phone Again And Again

Trending News 08.21.14 | 11:54PM EDT

Android apps free download

Angry Birds And Transformers Game Announced: Unstoppable Marketing Deceptihog Unleashed [PHOTO]

Trending News 06.18.14 | 05:35PM EDT

Angry Birds has announced a collaboration with Hasbro to bring us Angry Birds Transformers.

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