Going Seventeen

Pledis Doing It Right With Seventeen

Pledis Doing It Right With Seventeen

Features 12.19.16 | 08:24PM EST

Pledis Entertainment is finally done with their slump as they are now managing and promoting Seventeen’s activities the right way!


SEVENTEEN Releases New Dance Video for 'BOOM BOOM' as Latest Album Enters Billboard's World Albums Chart

Headlines 12.18.16 | 09:41PM EST

SEVENTEEN had just recently released a dance practice video for their hit single BOOM BOOM.

Seventeen Surpasses 100,000 Album Sales With ‘Going Seventeen’

Seventeen surpasses 100,000 album sales with ‘Going Seventeen’

Headlines 12.12.16 | 04:17AM EST

Seventeen has once again surpassed 100,000 album sales with their latest album "Going Seventeen."

[Album Review] Seventeen Releases An Album With A Boom Titled “Going Seventeen”

[Album Review] Seventeen releases album with a boom titled 'Going Seventeen'

Reviews 12.05.16 | 06:16AM EST

An album review of Seventeen's newly-released mini album “Going Seventeen."

Seventeen Releases MV Teaser For 'Boom Boom' Comeback

Seventeen releases MV teaser for 'Boom Boom' comeback

Headlines 12.02.16 | 02:21AM EST

Seventeen has released an MV teaser for its upcoming "Boom Boom" comeback on December 5.


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