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Scriptwriter refurbishes elements from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ into ‘Guardian/Goblin’

Headlines 12.23.16 | 12:47AM EST

Coming from the same scriptwriter, “Guardian/Goblin” uses some elements and dialogues which has been used in the highly popular drama “Descendants of the Sun.”

A close-up picture of Lee Dong-Wook as Grim Reaper in tvN drama

Lee Dong-Wook lip color in 'Guardian/Goblin' fascinates female fans around the world

Stars on TV / Movies 12.21.16 | 07:37PM EST

tvN drama “Guardian” or “Goblin” has become a highly successful one. Further than its compelling story, there is one thing that captivated female fans around the world. That is the fascinating color of Lee Dong-Wook lip color.

Lee Dong-Wook as the Grim Reaper in the tvN drama

‘Guardian/Goblin’ introduces a fresh story of relationship between human being and supernatural being

Reviews 12.19.16 | 08:19PM EST

The tvN fantasy drama "Guardian" or "Goblin" has been accepted well by audience in Korea and international. Its story about relationship between human and supernatural being may be the main attraction.


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