Why Are Girl Group Gugudan Losing One Member?

Headlines 10.18.17 | 11:40PM EDT

Why Are Girl Group Gugudan Losing One Member?

EXID Hani Clash of Kings

Hani To Take A Break From Broadcast Activities Due To Health Condition

Headlines 02.26.16 | 10:53PM EST

Hani has had an extremely busy schedule without much time to rest, which caused her to develop the medical condition.

Illness Forces Younha To Take A Break From The Spotlight

Illness Forces Younha To Take A Break From The Spotlight

Headlines 02.23.16 | 11:48PM EST

Due to a persistent medical problem, the 27-year old singer has canceled all scheduled activities.

One Direction.

One Direction Heading For Solo Careers, Zayn Malik Set To Return When They Reunite After A Year?

Trending News 08.24.15 | 11:07PM EDT

One Direction members will apparently be heading for different directions and pursuing solo careers but reportedly promised to reunite after a one year hiatus. Will Zayn Malik be returning as well when they reunite?

Jimmy Fallon Finger Injury

Jimmy Fallon in Hospital After Almost Losing Finger, 'Tonight Show' On Replay For Now?

Trending News 06.27.15 | 12:55PM EDT

Jimmy Fallon bounced back fast in the hospital after he accidentally injured his hand. The talk show host humored his fans on his state by posting updates of his injury on his social media account.

EXO Tao Exodus

[BREAKING] Chinese Media Reports Tao's Father Airs Grievances With SM Entertainment, Wants Son To Leave EXO

Headlines 04.22.15 | 10:45AM EDT

A letter allegedly written by the parent made it clear that Tao did not want to leave EXO, but that his father chose to pull him out due to health and other concerns.


No Comeback This Year For SHINee, Minho Reveals

Headlines 08.11.14 | 06:24AM EDT

Disappointing news for SHINee fans


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