10 Million Hits For Troublemaker's 'Now' On YouTube, Read On to See What It's All About

Headlines 11.16.13 | 03:14PM EST


Trouble Maker vs. Miss A - Who's Sexier?

Trouble Maker vs. Miss A - Who's Sexier?

Headlines 11.08.13 | 10:36AM EST

Trouble Maker and Miss A have come back onto the music scene with their unique brands of sexy.

trouble maker shy picture with trophy

Trouble Maker, Looking Shy in Picture with 1st Place Trophy

Buzz 11.08.13 | 01:32AM EST

Trouble Maker received their first trophy after their comeback.

trouble maker comeback

Trouble Maker Releases Extended MV for 'Now' with Twice as Many Steamy Scenes

Headlines 11.04.13 | 03:53AM EST

HyunA and Hyunseung show no bounds in their uncut "Now" MV


K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories in American News (Week of October 28 - November 3)

Headlines 11.04.13 | 12:42AM EST

Korean music entertainment is not only in South Korea, it is reaching other countries such as the United States.

Trouble Maker Causes Quite The Fuss.

Trouble Maker Proves That A Life Of Crime Does Not Pay In The Uncut MV For 'Now'

Headlines 11.03.13 | 06:26PM EST

With an extended music video for "Now", Trouble Maker prepares audiences for the shock value of their upcoming uncensored album. The dramatic MV is similar, in some ways, to the storyline of T-ARA's "Lovey Dovey".

trouble maker like a couple even in the waiting room

Trouble Maker, Like a Real Couple Even In the Waiting Room

Buzz 11.01.13 | 03:27AM EDT

A photo of Trouble Maker in the waiting room was revealed.


'Trouble Maker' Duo Creates Trouble in with Their New Teaser Photos

Hot Issues 10.29.13 | 02:37AM EDT


Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker HyunA and Hyunseung's Single "Now" Goes for a Chart All-Kill On Release

Headlines 10.28.13 | 05:25AM EDT

Trouble Maker's new MV are sweeping the charts!

Trouble Maker Duo Video Teaser Has Been Released, HyunA and Hyunseung Sizzle! [VIDEO]

Headlines 10.26.13 | 12:44PM EDT

Watch the teaser here!

Team B loses YG's WIN.

Team B Suffers A Crippling Loss To Team A In YG's WIN: What will this mean for the YG trainees?

Stars on TV / Movies 10.25.13 | 02:59PM EDT

In the highly competitive world of K-Pop, any opportunity to debut beyond the grueling trainee stage is welcome. Will the members of Team B break out from the trainee stage?

trouble maker comeback

Troublemaker Comeback Will Have a 19+ Rating - Fans Speculate About What's in Store

Headlines 10.25.13 | 03:47AM EDT

CUBE Entertainment says Troublemaker's new album will "exceed your imaginations"

HyunA and Hyunseung together at the CUBE studio gave fans a hint that a Trouble Maker comeback is in the works

4Minute HyunA and B2ST Hyunseung Confirm Their Return as Trouble Maker Later This Month

Headlines 10.06.13 | 02:48AM EDT

Trouble Maker is making a comeback on October 24

HyunA and Hyunseung together at the CUBE studio gave fans a hint that a Trouble Maker comeback is in the works

4minute HyunA Hints At Trouble Maker Comeback? Photo At CUBE Studio With B2ST's Hyunseung Suggests Maybe

Buzz 10.01.13 | 12:19AM EDT

Are HyunA and Hyunseung gettting ready to cause some more trouble?


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