Infinite Challenge

The War of the Vocalists… Part 2 of October Comebacks

Part 2 of October Comebacks with K.Will, Park Ji Yoon, Jung In, Shin Seung Hoon, and Choiza!

Headlines 10.15.13 | 03:54AM EDT

The 2nd half of October comebacks will be a fierce battle between the top vocalists.

g-dragon crooked dongmyo style on infinite challenge

'Infinite Challenge' G-Dragon, 'Crooked' Dongmyo Version

Stars on TV / Movies 10.15.13 | 02:49AM EDT

Group Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed his Dongmyo style, bringing laughter to the viewers.

jung hyung don conversation with g-dragon

Jung Hyung Don, Angry At G-Dragon For Short Responses "You Shook My Heart First"

Stars on TV / Movies 10.13.13 | 11:25PM EDT

Jung Hyung Don revealed his text messages with G-Dragon.

This Week's K-Pop Comebacks In Preparation For 'Infinite Challenge'

This Week's K-Pop Comebacks In Preparation For 'Infinite Challenge'

Headlines 10.11.13 | 03:19AM EDT

Nine artists will hold comeback stages this weekend and battle for high rankings in the music charts, but next week that could all change.

primary music producing with park myung soo

Primary Reveals He Is Working On Music With Park Myung Soo

Buzz 10.10.13 | 01:09AM EDT

Primary and Park Myung Soo worked on music together.

EXO Impressed by Jung Hyung Don on ‘Infinite Challenge’ – ‘He Knew All of Our Names’

Why was EXO Impressed by Jung Hyung Don on ‘Infinite Challenge’

Interviews 10.03.13 | 03:56AM EDT

In a recent interview with a fashion magazine, idol group EXO-K expressed their gratitude towards TV personality Jung Hyung Don

g-dragon haha infinite challenge

G-Dragon-Haha, Self-Camera From Filming For 'Infinite Challenge'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.30.13 | 09:01AM EDT

G-Dragon and Haha revealed a picture taken together.

boa text messages from gil

BoA Brings Up Past Text Messages From Gil

Stars on TV / Movies 09.29.13 | 01:15AM EDT

Singer BoA revealed past text messages that she's received from Gil.

g-dragon jung hyung don seen filming for infinite challenge

G-Dragon, Seen By Fans On the Streets Buying Clothes? "Chosen By Jung Hyung Don"

Buzz 09.26.13 | 09:35AM EDT

Singer G-Dragon and gagman Jung Hyung Don were seen on the street market in Seoul.

BoA Writing ‘Infinite Challenge’ Song ‘But I Want to Go Out and Play~~’

BoA Writing ‘Infinite Challenge’ Song ‘But I Want to Go Out and Play~~’

Headlines 09.07.13 | 06:01AM EDT

Singer BoA was tempted to go out and play while writing a song for "Infinite Challenge."

G-Dragon, BoA Among 7 Artists To Collaborate For 'Infinite Challenge' Song Festival Episode

Stars on TV / Movies 09.04.13 | 04:03PM EDT

The 7 musicians join the cast of comedians to create and perform new songs

kwanghee wants to go out on infinite challenge

ZE:A Kwanghee, "I Want To Come Out On 'Infinite Challenge'... I Rejected 'The Real Man'"

Stars on TV / Movies 08.30.13 | 08:55AM EDT

Kwanghee revealed that he wants to come out in MBC entertainment program "Infinite Challenge."

haha yoo jae suk birthday

Haha Congratulates Yoo Jae Suk On His Birthday "Pours Out His All For His Shows Even On His Birthday"

Buzz 08.15.13 | 09:25AM EDT

Entertainer Haha congratulated Yoo Jae Suk on his birthday.

K-pop Solo Singer John Park Gets Pranked, Went Too Far to Lead Him to Tears?

Stars on TV / Movies 08.04.13 | 01:55PM EDT

Singer John Park was fooled by the hidden camera of MBC entertainment program "Infinite Challenge."

maeng seung ji apologizes to john park

Korean Comedian Maeng Seung Ji Apologizes To Singer John Park... What Happened?

Stars on TV / Movies 08.04.13 | 01:51PM EDT

The MBC gag woman Maeng Seung Ji apologized to singer John Park.

2ne1 bom and dara love calls to no hong chul

2NE1 Bom, "I Want To Fight With No Hong Chul on 'Infinite Challenge'"

Interviews 07.13.13 | 10:36PM EDT

Group 2NE1's members Bom and Dara sent love calls to entertainer No Hong Chul.

choi siwon takes off his shirt

Super Junior Choi Siwon Takes Off His Shirt in 'Infinite Challenge'

Stars on TV / Movies 06.30.13 | 03:33PM EDT

Group Super Junior's member Choi Siwon showed off his muscular body in 'Infinite Challenge.'

‘Infinite Challenge’ to Teach Idol Members Korean History on Show

'Infinite Challenge' to Teach Idol Members Korean History on Show

Headlines 05.11.13 | 01:11PM EDT

The members of 'Infinite Challenge,' the MBC variety show going on its 9th year widely regarded as the living legend of entertainment shows, will attempt to teach about 30 idol members on the topic of Korean history.

4Minute Posts Photo from ‘Infinite Challenge’

4Minute Posts Photo from 'Infinite Challenge'

Headlines 04.27.13 | 03:00PM EDT

4Minute, who has just returned from their hiatus with the new song "What Is Your Name?" posted a photo during their participation in an episode of MBC's legendary variety show 'Infinite Challenge.'

SHINEE, INFINITE, 4Minute, After School to be on Infinity Challenge

SHINEE-INFINITE-4Minute-After School to be on 'Infinite Challenge'

Headlines 04.26.13 | 11:34AM EDT

SHINee, 4Minute, INFINITE, After School and other idol groups will be guests at MBC's legendary variety show, 'Infinite Challenge.'

Ga In looks mature and sexy in the shots taken from the

Psy “Gentleman” MV Shoot Photos Released Featuring Ga In Looking Mature-Sexy, Psy’s Signature Suits

Headlines 04.09.13 | 02:38AM EDT

A few days ago, global superstar Psy revealed that he would feature Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls and the entire 'Infinity Challenge' cast in his "Gentleman" music video, his first follow-up to the smash success "Gangnam Style."

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