CL poses in a trendy cropped top and high waisted skirt with a bold print.

Get That K-Pop Look: CL’s Sassy Print Crop Top & Skirt

Fashion & Style 10.11.14 | 12:35PM EDT

We show you how to get a stylish K-pop look like CL's without breaking the bank.

David Beckham, Patrick Dempsy Featured On 'DILFS Of DisneyLand': Happiest Place On Instagram

Trending News 09.18.14 | 12:38PM EDT

The hottest dads come together in one hot Instagram account. You got to see this!


Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (September 7- September 13)

Features 09.15.14 | 05:47AM EDT

Our weekly round-up of K-Pop idol Instagram posts!

Miles Teller Girlfriend Keleigh Sperry Obsessed With ‘Whiplash’ Actor On Instagram: Model Documents ‘Insurgent’ Star’s Every Move At Deauville Film Festival 2014

Trending News 09.14.14 | 10:42PM EDT

Miles Teller’s girlfriend Keleigh Sperry is officially obsessed with her boyfriend. The past 10 pictures on her Instagram account was of the ‘Whiplash’ actor.


f(x)'s Victoria Suddenly Deletes Her Old Instagram Photos

Buzz 09.14.14 | 10:58AM EDT

Victoria sparks the curiosity of netizens who saw the changes to her Instagram account

James Franco Pines After Lana Del Rey On Instagram: Calls ‘Ultraviolence’ Singer ‘Baby’ In Coney Island, Promotes His New Book ‘Hollywood Dreamings’

Trending News 09.11.14 | 09:30PM EDT

From time to time, James Franco will drop a picture of his girl Lana Del Rey on his Instagram to sustain the rumor that ‘Child of God’ director and ‘Ultraviolence’ singer are dating.

Kendall Jenner New York Fashion Week Photo Gallery: KUWTK Model Sweeps NYFW With Sunday Style New York Times And Instagram Photos

Trending News 09.11.14 | 01:19PM EDT

Kendall Jenner, who made her name as KUWTK star, has transformed into a haute couture model at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

‘Glee’ Cast Update: More Favorites Returning For Final Season And Share Behind-the-Scene Snaps On Instagram!

Trending News 09.11.14 | 01:55AM EDT

"Glee" will welcome back four original cast members for season 6.

Maria Sharapova Spend ‘Solitude’ Weekend Without Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov: After US Open, Rumored Engaged Couple Hint Separation On Twitter And Instagram

Trending News 09.10.14 | 09:40PM EDT

Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov may have been known before as a couple that may be engaged, but with their recent losses at US Open, they are choosing to spend some time apart.

Ian Somerhalder Defends Girlfriend Nikki Reed From Hateful Internet Fans, Says He's Dating A ‘Magical Person’

Trending News 09.09.14 | 11:53AM EDT

Ian Somerhalder has struck back against some fans' harsh words for his new girlfriend Nikki Reed.


GOT7's Youngjae Is No Longer Using Instagram?

Buzz 09.08.14 | 01:41AM EDT

Youngjae deletes his Instagram account

gdragon and taeyang

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (August 31- September 6)

Features 09.08.14 | 07:28AM EDT

Weekly round up of your favorite K-Pop idols' Instagram accounts

Taylor Swift Reaches Out to Bullied Fan on Instagram; Tells Her to Be Herself Even More in Powerful and Heartwarming Message [PHOTO]

Trending News 09.05.14 | 05:07PM EDT

Taylor Swift Instagram

Bella Thorne Fills Twitter And Instagram With Cryptic Posts After Boyfriend Tristan Klier Split: ‘Blended’ Actress To Shake Up Dating Life?

Trending News 09.04.14 | 04:58PM EDT

Bella Thorne’s way of expressing hurt from the split with boyfriend Tristan Klier was to upload many cryptic posts on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Instagram PC, Tips And Tricks You Should Master To Gain More Followers! What Could They Be?

Trending News 09.02.14 | 07:23AM EDT

Here are some of the tips and tricks you should master on your Instagram PC, according to the Fuse Joplin.


Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (Aug 25- Aug 30)

Buzz 09.01.14 | 02:19AM EDT

Another weekly round-up of great idol photos directly from the stars' Instagram accounts!

Justin Bieber Jets Selena Gomez Off On Romantic Trip To Canada: On-Again Couple Rides Horses And Feasts On Tim Hortons In The Bieb’s Homeland

Trending News 08.29.14 | 12:30PM EDT

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly enjoying a romantic vacation in Canada.

Instagram Launches Hyperlapse: App Features A Built-In Stabilization Technology And Cinematic Quality Mode? Find Out Here!

Trending News 08.27.14 | 01:53PM EDT

Instagram, the photo-sharing company announced on Tuesday the release of the new app called Hyperlapse.

Taeyang and G-Dragon

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (Aug 18- Aug 23)

Features 08.25.14 | 05:55AM EDT

Bubbly eye candy for all of you K-Pop lovers

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