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    These are The 14 K-Pop Groups That Gained The Most Followers on Twitter This June

    Twitter is a booming social media platform amongst K-Pop groups, and many use it as a way to send messages and update their fans. Companies also use Twitter to post announcements on events, schedules, livestreams, and more.

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    These 11 Female Idols Looked Like Goddesses in Blue Hair

    Idols go through numerous hair color changes between promotions for different comebacks. Whether it be by personal choice or just to suit the comeback, some idols go through numerous dye-jobs to achieve a certain color.

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    The 15 Most Synchronized 3rd and 4th Generation Female K-Pop Groups Analyzed by a Computer

    YouTuber tehcie_ray recently uploaded a video in which he uses an app he made to determine how synchronized these 3rd and 4th generation female K-pop groups are. Check out which girl group came out on top!

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    These 10 K-Pop Idols Were Heavily Judged as Weak Vocalists

    Amazing vocals are the major qualities a South Korean idol must possess. However, some received massive disapproval after they have not passed the standard of a good singer for some. In random order, these 10 K-Pop idols were heavily judges as weak vocalists and have to face the judgment of their critics.

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    These Are The Top 25 Most Viewed Fancams Of 2020 So Far

    If you've been on the internet, you've probably seen a fan cam, whether it be on YouTube or on Twitter. A fan cam is a video of a single member of a group, usually while the group is performing together. It can also be used for solo artists, as fans usually capture different angels of a performance. Here are the 25 most viewed K-Pop fan cams of 2020 so far based on YouTube views.

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    These are the Top 50 Most Popular Girl Group Members for the Month of June

    The Korean Business Research Institute has released their brand reputation rankings for the 50 most popular girl group members for the month of June.

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    Synchronized Swimmer Ranked How In Sync These 12 K-Pop Groups Are

    An experienced synchronized swimmer has recently made a video ranking twelve different K-Pop groups and their synchronization. There is a difference with being on time and being sync; when you're in sync, things like the angle of your body, height of the arms, lift of the leg, the spacing, and more are put into account and needs to be the same between teammates. It's incredibly difficult, but all the groups mentioned are known for their synchronization. The swimmer noted that those in the top six and near-perfect, and that they are all pretty much equal with some minor comments.

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    These Two Female Idols Are Being Praised For Their Elegance

    Hold on to your bias lists, these idols are about to wreck it! These two girl group members are being praised their elegant aura, with many people say they embody class and luxury. Who are these girl group members, you ask?

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    These Groups Will Surely Fail Without These Members

    Each K-pop group member has his or her own crucial part to play, and it will be hard, no matter what, if he or she goes on leave or withdraws. Fans echoed this topic of discussion at a public platform recently and debated which artists would be a huge loss to their groups.

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    These 7 Pairs Of Idol Siblings Were Once Signed Under The Same Company

    These seven pairs of idol siblings were once signed under the same company and trained together. Some even debuted with each other! Which K-Pop sibling duo is your favorite?

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    Here's Why ITZY Lia is NOT a Lazy Dancer Like What Haters Claim

    Lia was multiple times barraged with disparagement and rude comments for being a "lazy dancer," asserting why she never "gives her everything when she started dancing" and that she screws up choreography. Lia isn't a lazy dancer - she's really quite a strong one.

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    Who's The Female Idol With The Most Legendary Red Hair? Knetz React

    We have seen how incredible girl group idols' stood up on stage with various colors on their hair that match the concept of their comebacks. And sure we love seeing these idols slay on that powerful and strong red-colored hair as their crowning glory, giving the audiences the appeal that you'll actually fall in love with them.

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    K-pop Stars Who Could've Been National Athletes If They Didn't Become Idols

    Numerous K-pop idols have shown their fantastic skills when it comes to singing, dancing, rapping, writing and producing music, and more. But not everyone is aware that there are also a lot of idols who excel in the realm of athletics. SBS holds its annual Idol Star Athletics Competition to show the physical abilities every idol has for their fans to support and everyone to see.

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    These Female Idols Were Hated by Netizens Due to These Reasons

    There are days when female idols receive so much hate online whether or not they do the tiniest things that would automatically appear like a bother for their career. Unfortunately, while it's true that male and female idols suffer a form of hardship as artists, the difference varies significantly for female idols.

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    Fans Share Baby Photos of K-pop Idols to Celebrate Children's Day

    South Korea commemorated Children's Day on Tuesday, May 5, which a lot of netizens have also participated in. K-pop fans partook in this celebration of the young ones and had fun sharing the baby photos of their bias idols on different social media platforms.

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    ITZY Reached 100 Million Views on Three Consecutive Videos

    The South Korean girl group ITZY reached 100 million views on their "WANNABE" music video on YouTube. This is the third time the group has reached 100 million views on their videos, with "Dalla Dalla" and "Icy" respectively.

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    Which of These K-pop Predictions Among Netizens Are a 'YES' or a 'NO'?

    K-pop enthusiasts are people who have been witnesses of the entertainment trends have the capacity to give predictions that might become true to or not.

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    Top K-pop Groups with The Best Dance Choreography in MV

    Dance choreography is one of the elements that will make a K-pop idol's performance stand out. Undeniably, K-pop choreographies are known for being upbeat and synchronized. Every idol has undergone rigid training prior to officially debuting - proving that each is not a half-baked talent.

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    To What Object or Place Can You Link These K-pop Groups? K-netizens Answer

    Every idol group has a distinct concept which they are known for, or a concept that identifies them as a group. A Korean fan then listed 12 K-pop groups with different pictures that, for them, accurately represents the group's usual image or concept.

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