8 Male K-Pop Stars Who are Only Children

Features 12.25.13 | 05:28AM EST

8 Male K-Pop Stars Who are Only Children


K-pop Ballad Group 2AM is Coming Back in November!

Features 10.25.13 | 10:08AM EDT

K-Pop group 2AM revealed their comeback next month

2am jokwon sang for sunye wedding

Jokwon, 'I Sang 'Dont Leave Me' At Sunye's Wedding'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.30.13 | 11:11PM EDT

Group 2AM's member Jokwon revealed that she sang the song "Don't Leave Me" at Wonder Girls' member Sunye's wedding.

jokwon with ryu and missy elliot

Jokwon, 'Golden Connections' With Ryu-Missy Elliot-G-Dragon

Buzz 08.28.13 | 11:13PM EDT

Jokwon revealed his impressive connections with celebrities.

2am jokwon independence day

K-pop Ballad Group 2AM Leader Jo Kwon, Being Patriotic with Independence Day Tweet Photo

Buzz 08.17.13 | 12:43PM EDT

Group 2AM's Jokwon revealed a picture on Korea's Independence Day.

idols meaningful messages for independence day

K-pop Idols, Meaningful Messages In Remembrance of Korean Independence Day

Buzz 08.16.13 | 08:54AM EDT

In remembrance of Independence Day, many idols made meaningful messages online, catching much attention.

2am jokwon eating video

2AM, Group Eating Time Video?

Buzz 08.09.13 | 08:21AM EDT

Group 2AM's members revealed their joyful eating time.

2am fashion magazine

Kpop Ballad Group 2AM Makes the Cover Page of Fashion Magazine

Interviews 06.28.13 | 01:09AM EDT

Group 2AM revealed their sexy charms as models through a fashion magazine.

2am jokwon picture with 15&

2AM JoKwon Confident Pose With 15&

Buzz 06.07.13 | 04:21PM EDT

Group 2AM's JoKwon revealed a picture taken with the female duo 15&.


Laugh-out-loud Idols: Funniest K-pop Stars

Headlines 06.03.13 | 06:03PM EDT

Laugh-out-loud Idols: Funniest K-pop Stars

jokwon body

2AM Jokwon, Unexpected Body

Buzz 05.31.13 | 01:59AM EDT

Group 2AM's member Jokwon showed off his body.

jokwon sohee visit

2AM JoKwon, Happy After Sohee's Visit "My Little Sister Sohee"

Buzz 05.31.13 | 01:38AM EDT

Group 2AM's JoKwon revealed his happiness after Sohee's visit.

2PM Wooyoung, 2AM Jo Kwon

2PM WooYoung, 2AM Jo Kwon Down Soju To Failed Attempts At Solo Debut? Friendship Revealed

Buzz 05.28.13 | 07:17PM EDT

Wooyoung talks about getting together with Jokwon to have some soju and talk about their attempts to start a solo album.


Switched At Debut? Jun K Should Have Been 2AM, JoKwon in 2PM?

Headlines 05.27.13 | 05:03AM EDT

2PM group opens up about Jun K and Jokwon

jokwon oh seung ah photo shoot

2AM JoKwon- Rainbow Oh Seung Ah Poses For Wedding Photo

Fashion & Style 05.08.13 | 12:48AM EDT

JoKwon and Oh Seung Ah's wedding photo shoot was revealed.

jokwon picture with cherry blossom trees

2AM Jokwon, Picture With Cherry Blossom Trees

Buzz 04.19.13 | 02:25AM EDT

Group 2AM's Jokwon revealed pictures taken with cherry blossom trees.

jokwon cho nan kang and jinwoon

'Happy Together 3' 2AM JoKwon, "I Mistook Cho Nan Kang As Jinwoon"

Stars on TV / Movies 04.14.13 | 02:54AM EDT

JoKwon talked about a funny incident when he mistook Cho Nan Kang as his member Jinwoon.

jokwon pole dance

2AM JoKwon, Sexy Pole Dance on 'SNL Korea'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.14.13 | 02:40AM EDT

2AM's JoKwon caught the attention of "SNL Korea" audience members through a sexy pole dance.

jokwon god of job id card

2AM JoKwon, Reveals His Employee ID Card From Drama 'God of Job'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.01.13 | 02:01AM EDT

2AM's JoKwon, who will be coming out in KBS's new drama "God of Job," revealed his employee ID card.

jokwon kissing princess gaga

2AM Jokwon, Kissing Picture With Princess Gaga "They Look Like a Real Couple"

Buzz 03.23.13 | 08:42PM EDT

JoKwon kissing Princess Gaga was revealed.

jokwon sunye training days

JoKwon-Sunye, Pictures From Training Days 'Only Their Bodies Grew'

Buzz 03.15.13 | 03:33AM EDT

Group 2AM's JoKwon and girl group Wonder Girls' Sunye during training days was revealed.

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