Joo Sang Wook

Empress Ki

Dramas Resume Programming, Ratings And Wrap-Up Plans Affected By Tragedy

04.22.14 | 10:28AM EDT

The order of Monday night's ratings was to be expected but viewership was down.

Seo Kang Joon

Five Fun Facts About Seo Kang Joon

04.16.14 | 12:37PM EDT

The rookie actor has enjoyed a promising start to his career.

Three Days

"Three Days" Takes The Lead

04.11.14 | 01:38PM EDT

The plot of "Three Days" has taken its hero full circle from unquestioning trust to renewed dedication.

Inspiring Generation

"Inspiring Generation" Achieves Victory In The Ratings

04.03.14 | 03:04PM EDT

The drama achieved first place and had a tragic plot twist.

Inspiring Generation

"Inspiring Generation" Takes The Lead

03.27.14 | 03:23PM EDT

As its characters take sides, the drama slid into first place.

Three Days

Park Yoochun's Drama "Three Days" Leads The Ratings

03.21.14 | 11:43AM EDT

The difference between ratings for the two dramas is less than a percentage point.

Seo Kang Joon

Rookie Actor Seo Kang Joon Romances Lee Min Jung

03.20.14 | 01:39PM EDT

The actor only made his debut last year and already he is playing Joo Sang Wook's rival and romancing Lee Min Jung.

Three Days

Park Yoochun's Drama Outpaces Kim Hyun Joong's

03.14.14 | 09:58AM EDT

"Three Days" had a slim lead over "Inspiring Generation"

Five Fun Facts About Lee Min Jung

Stars on TV / Movies 03.08.14 | 12:45PM EST

The star of "Cunning Single Lady" got into acting relatively late.

The New Drama Lineup Is A Close Race

K-Drama 03.06.14 | 12:35PM EST

"Inspiring Generation" won first place but only just barely.

INFINITE L States Love and Relationships are Things of the Past

INFINITE L States Love and Relationships are Things of the Past

Headlines 02.25.14 | 04:47AM EST

L expressed his sentiments about his recent scandal.

Press Conference for MBC Drama 'Cunning Single Lady'

Press Conference for MBC Drama 'Cunning Single Lady' - Feb 24, 2014 [PHOTOS]

TV / Drama 02.24.14 | 05:21PM EST

Press Conference for MBC Drama 'Cunning Single Lady' - Feb 24, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Infnite's L Puts Dating Scandal Behind Him To Focus On Drama

Stars on TV / Movies 02.24.14 | 10:26AM EST

At the press conference for "Cunning Single Lady," L mentioned his recent dating scandal.

The Battle Of The Stars: Will Park Yoochun Rate Higher Than Joo Sang Wook Or Kim Hyun Joong?

Stars on TV / Movies 02.20.14 | 04:19PM EST

Three competing shows will feature talented attractive male leads.

INFINITE’s L Gets His Driver’s License For Drama

INFINITE’s L Gets His Driver’s License To Film For A Drama

Headlines 02.12.14 | 04:42AM EST

INFINITE member L obtained a driver's license for shooting a drama.

Divorce K-Drama Style Can Play It For Laughs Or For Tears

K-Drama 02.04.14 | 03:03PM EST

The year is young and at least three dramas touch on the subject of divorce.

Infinite's L To Play Secretary Gil In "Cunning Single Lady."

Stars on TV / Movies 01.20.14 | 01:00PM EST

Kim Myung Soo, also known as L, has chosen a new drama role.


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