Sultan of the Disco

When Disco Meets KCON: An Interview With Sultan of the Disco [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 08.04.16 | 09:24PM EDT

A brief interview with veteran disco/funk band, Sultan of the Disco, during their time at KCON 2016 LA.

Dead Buttons 1

K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 08.03.16 | 12:52AM EDT

Dead Buttons takes time out of their hectic schedule to talk with us about their music, their inspiration and their experience at KCON 2016 LA.

album cover for Kassy's

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Kassy Keeps It Sultry On Her Cool 2nd Single 'Ooh Ooh Ooh' Featuring Eluphant Of VIRUS [AUDIO]

Reviews 12.07.15 | 03:36PM EST

Considering how few artists disappear after their first release, its exhilarating to see Kassy release another quality slow jam like "Ooh Ooh Ooh" featuring rapper Eluphant of the rap group VIRUS, released on Nov. 30.

Korean indie newcomers Reasco

Korean Rock Recall: Reasco Relive The Best Of '90s Alternative Rock On 'In The Night' [VIDEO]

Reviews 10.08.15 | 08:28PM EDT

Reasco's 2014 single "In The Night" pays tribute to the classic 1990s indie rock sound pioneered by bands like Dinosaur Jr., Nirvana and Teenage Fanclub.

The indie rock tricksters of Pony.

K-Indie Spotlight: Pony Fool Your Ears To Make Their Single 'Waiting For The Day' An Unexpected Gem [VIDEO]

Reviews 10.09.15 | 03:53PM EDT

When Korean band Pony released "Waiting for the Day" on Aug. 3, they introduced listeners to a sound that kept them on their toes.

The cover of Sun Jong Pyo's digital single for

K-Indie Spotlight: Uncovering The Subtle Magic Of Disorder Vocalist Sun Jong Pyo's Latest Solo Offering 'Lemon' [VIDEO]

Reviews 09.28.15 | 03:34PM EDT

Released on July 6, "Lemon," from Disorder singer Sun Jong Pyo, is a masterclass in how the understated can still communicate depth.


K-Indie Spotlight: Sing Along With The Highly Infectious Patients Single 'Sipalsegi' [VIDEO]

Reviews 09.30.15 | 03:58PM EDT

On their recent single "Sipalsegi," released on April 29, "hybrid punk" band Patients unveil the hook of the year by bringing together some seemingly divergent sounds.

Jee Young Sim

K-Indie Spotlight: Watch Jee Young Sim Turn A Building Into A Musical Instrument With 19 Anyang Arts High School Students [VIDEO]

Reviews 07.31.15 | 04:04PM EDT

Jee Young Sim's music performance video "Peak," which features 19 students from the Anyang Arts High School playing an industrial tower like a gigantic drum and singing along in accompaniment, is a sound and a visual like no other.

Kuang Program

K-Indie Spotlight: Kuang Program Take It Even Further Out On Their 2014 EP 'Flames, Dreams, Laughter' [AUDIO]

Reviews 07.21.15 | 04:48PM EDT

Seoul-based noise rock band Kuang Program continue to drift farther and farther out on their last release "Flames, Dreams, Laughter," released back in November.

Indie Review: Hyukoh Keeps It Chill With

K-Pop Indie Spotlight: Hyukoh Charm Listeners With Their Chill Rock Sound On 'Comes And Goes' [VIDEO]

Reviews 07.10.15 | 03:20PM EDT

Released on May 28 on Hyukoh's album "22," their song "Comes And Goes" is currently in the top 10 of every major Korean music chart thanks to its simple and sunny style of production.

Missy Elliott and G-Dragon perform at KCON 2013

5 K-Pop Collaborations We Want to See

Features 10.26.14 | 12:55PM EDT

It's now very obvious that K-Pop is spreading worldwide, and we want to see the Western collaborations to prove it.

Korean rock duo TOXIC is back with their latest release, 'Time.'

Album Review: K-Rock Duo TOXIC Stirs Things Up With Their Comeback Album 'Time' [AUDIO]

Reviews 10.14.14 | 07:18AM EDT

'Top Band' winners TOXIC rock on their latest mini album 'Time.'

Mint Paper Presents: Bright #2

K-Pop Indie Spotlight: Mint Paper Collective Continues To Make Independent Artists Accessible To Fans Abroad With 'Bright #2'

Reviews 05.11.14 | 10:55AM EDT

The latest 10-track compilation from the collective of indie artists in Korea known as Mint Paper is an upbeat and fun addition to your springtime playlist

Spacecowboy releases his latest single

K-Pop Indie Spotlight: Spacecowboy Has Us 'Falling' For His New Single And EP

Headlines 03.05.14 | 11:09PM EST

On March 5, electro-pop sensation Spacecowboy dropped is latest EP 'Exremely' and the title track "Falling" featuring Soul Drive

Korean Bands Spread 'K-Pop Power' Through Overseas Promotions

Korean Bands Spread 'K-Pop Power' Through Overseas Promotions

Headlines 01.31.14 | 11:28AM EST

In the midst of all the K-Pop idol groups, Korean bands have also been contributing to the hallyu.

Rise of K-Indie

K-Indie Now Rides The Hallyu Wave, Gets Wind To Sail Overseas

Headlines 03.08.13 | 02:59AM EST

Korean indie music is now getting a lot of attention and hints at Hallyu wave potential

Wonder Girls True Colors

Wonder Girls Show Their "True Colors" For MTV Iggy and Chevy Global Music Challenge[VIDEO]

Headlines 10.23.12 | 05:38AM EDT

The girls showed a full preview of the song via MTV Iggy's Plug Into K-Indie B-Sides before it officially opens on Cover The World for the contest


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