Lee Mi Sook

Lee Mi Sook Must Pay But Not What Her Agency Demands

07.26.13 | 03:49PM EDT

The actress, who appears in "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin" must pay her former agency for breaking her contract.

Personal Taste

Understanding Kdrama: Cute Things Couples Do

07.26.13 | 12:50PM EDT

Do Korean couples really dress in matching outfits?

Director Kim Jong Hak Was Deeply In Debt, Some Blame The System

07.26.13 | 12:46PM EDT

When the drama "Faith: The Great Doctor" went over budget, the director could not pay his cast and crew.

Park Ye Jin

Kdrama Couple: Park Ye Jin And Park Hee Soon

07.26.13 | 12:43PM EDT

The couple, who have dated quietly for four years, recently made a rare public appearance.

Choi Jin Hyuk

Five Fun Facts About Choi Jin Hyuk

07.26.13 | 12:36PM EDT

The talented actor is self-conscious about his acting skills, his voice and his personality.

Park Han Byul BLU PEPE 2013 S/S

Park Han Byul Plays The Lead In Chinese Horror Film

07.26.13 | 12:35PM EDT

The singer has appeared in a succession of horror films but has never done so speaking Chinese.

Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun's Film Is Shown At New York Asian Fiim Festival

07.25.13 | 01:39AM EDT

"The Peach Tree," a film directed by Goo Hye Sun, is shown at the New York Asian Film Festival

Lee Si Young

Kdrama Actresses Who Confess To Having Plastic Surgery

07.25.13 | 01:38AM EDT

As cosmetic surgery procedures become more commonplace, some actresses admit having work done.

Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin

The K-drama Piggyback Scene

07.25.13 | 01:36AM EDT

Why are there so many piggyback scenes in kdramas?

Lee Chung Ah

What Some Kdrama Stars Do For Fun

07.25.13 | 01:35AM EDT

A few actors and actresses don't lie on the couch after a long stretch on the set.


Understanding K-drama: Be Careful What You Call That Character!

07.25.13 | 01:35AM EDT

How kdrama characters address each other has to do with age and status.

Moon Chae Won

The Most Beautiful Kdrama Actresses: Part 2

07.25.13 | 01:33AM EDT

There are so many beautiful kdrama actresses, it's hard to narrow it down to one story.

Spine-Tingling Preview For Ghostly New Drama 'Who Are You?'

07.25.13 | 01:31AM EDT

Kim Jae Wook plays a ghost in the upcoming drama. Will he be jealous when his girl chooses Taecyeon?

Baek Ji Young

Baek Ji Young Wins Second Lawsuit Against A Plastic Surgery Clinic

07.25.13 | 01:09AM EDT

The singer won partial damages for the unauthorized use of her photographs.

Kim Jong Hak and Lee Min Ho

K-drama Stars Pay Their Respects To 'Faith' Director Kim Jong Hak

07.25.13 | 01:08AM EDT

Stars attended the wake of Kim Jong Hak, whose death has now been ruled a suicide.

Song Jae Rim

K-Drama in K-pop: Korean Drama Celebrities Add Appeal To K-pop Music Videos

07.25.13 | 12:34AM EDT

Add a popular actor to a kpop video and you expand its audience.


After Honorable Military Discharge, Rain Gets Caught Up In Latest Celebrity Recruit Scandal

07.25.13 | 12:29AM EDT

Rain and other celebrity recruits served as PR agents without the necessary paperwork being filed.

Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young

'Shark' Ratings Sink, 'Goddess Of Fire' Has A River Reunion

07.25.13 | 12:26AM EDT

Despite improved ratings last week the moody revenge drama "Shark" slipped to third place this week.

Lee Seung Gi

Your Kdrama Husband: Which Actor Would You Choose?

07.25.13 | 12:24AM EDT

A matchmaking agency recently chose Lee Seung Gi as the best marriage prospect among kdrama actors.

Song Hye Kyo

The Most Beautiful Kdrama Actresses: Part 1

07.24.13 | 01:00PM EDT

With so many gorgeous kdrama actresses, it's hard to narrow it down.

Park Shi Hoo

The Last Case Facing Korean Actor Park Shi Hoo Is Settled

07.24.13 | 12:37PM EDT

With the last lawsuit behind him, the actor is finally free to pursue his career.

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