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‘Scream' TV Series Spoilers: Killer To Be Revealed In Episode 8?

Trending News 08.12.15 | 10:11PM EDT

The “Scream” TV series just showed one of its goriest scenes of late but spoilers suggest viewers of the show are in for more deaths in its last three episodes.

Dexter Michael C. Hall Wows In Another Killer Role; Actor Reveals He Accepted The Project Because He Wants To Become A ‘Normal Guy’ After His Successful Series

Trending News 01.22.14 | 09:36PM EST

Fresh from the success of his TV show Dexter, Michael C. Hall is back in yet another murderer role. However, this time, he is a much different killer than what he portrayed in the Showtime television series.

Laura Szendrei Killer Sentenced to Life as Adult; Would Have Gotten Seven Years As a Minor

Trending News 10.19.13 | 01:15PM EDT

Laura Szendrei's murderer was sentenced as adult. The man who beat Laura Szendrei to death was days away from his 18th birthday when he killed the 15-year-old Laura Szendreei in Delta was sentenced as an adult. He pleaded guilty a year ago.

Woman Marries Twin Sister's Convicted Killer in Argentina [REPORT]

Trending News 02.16.13 | 05:35PM EST

An Argentine woman was confronted by an angry crowd on Thursday when she married her twin sister's convicted killer.


T-ara's Shocking Sleep Hours "Max Two Hours and Minimum 30 Minutes"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.18.12 | 02:35PM EST

Girl group T-ara's sleeping time was revealed.



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