Kim Sang Joong

Kyung Yung Sang of 'Rebel: Who Stole the People'

‘Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People’ Historical Drama Compel Staff , Cast To Travel All Across Korea To Capture Aspired Beautiful Scenery

Trending News 03.01.17 | 07:08AM EST

The magnificent view that unfurls in the “Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People” is the result of the strenuous efforts of the production staff and cast to travel accross Korea because in a historical drama, nice scenery is a crucial factor in determining quality.

First images fromthe Rebel; Thiefl Who Stole The People

Drama Review: Rebel Thief a.k.a Robin Hood Steals Hearts Not Goods: Still Photos Unveil A Gripping Action Is Ahead

Reviews 01.10.17 | 11:36AM EST

Recently released still photos show how the fusion sageuk drama Rebel: Thief Who Steal The People has been worked on to input the Joseon era when the drama supposedly took action. Auntehticy costumes and hairstyles were made authentic likewise.

'Bad Guys'

The Takeover Of 'Bad Guys' On Television

Stars on TV / Movies 09.18.14 | 11:14PM EDT

The new show 'Bad Guys' will air on OCN every Saturday at 10:00PM (KST) starting October 4.

Bad Boys

Park Hae Jin Goes Crazy For His New Role

Stars on TV / Movies 09.09.14 | 02:46PM EDT

While rehearsing his serial killer role, Park Hae Jin gave a spine-chilling reading.

Wonderful Days

Which K-Drama Dad Wins The Best Dad Mug On Father's Day?

Stars on TV / Movies 06.13.14 | 01:00PM EDT

With the approach of “Father’s Day,” it’s time to focus on this year’s k-drama dads, the best, the worst and some with questionable motives.

Park Min Young

Park Min Young And Ji Yi Han Transform For "A New Leaf"

Stars on TV / Movies 04.18.14 | 02:16PM EDT

The actors previously played siblings and now one of them will fall in love with the other.


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