Netizens Discover Jo Kwon Is A Fan of This Famous Drag Queen On Instagram

Headlines 10.13.17 | 09:20PM EDT

Fans Discover Jo Kwon Is A Fan of ThisFamous Drag Queen

British People Try Kimchi For The First Time

British People Try Kimchi For The First Time

Trendz 05.24.15 | 08:18PM EDT

"Oh my goodness! It's really spicy!"

Psy, Lee Seung Gi

Eat Like A K-Pop Star: The Kimchi Edition

Features 04.24.15 | 09:02AM EDT

Kimchi is the beginning, middle, and end of Korean food, and often the side dish that's paired with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here's a guide to some of the most popular varieties of kimchi.


The Debut Of Doubles: Jackie Chan's New Group JJCC Follows The Path Of SS501, Double K, And AA

Features 03.22.14 | 05:37PM EDT

SS501, Double K, and AA all have the word 'double' in their title, and now JJCC is joining the lineup.

Choi SiWon

Choi Siwon Standing Up For Korea

Features 02.01.12 | 07:11PM EST

Super Junior member Choi Siwon stood up for his nation.

kimchi and aoora

AA Aoora and Kimchi promotion themselves with name tags

Buzz 12.28.11 | 03:25PM EST

AA Aoora and Kimchi revealed a backstage photo of themselves

lee seung gi

Lee Seung Gi "People always text to ask me if the kimchi is good at my house"

Stars on TV / Movies 12.27.11 | 03:36PM EST

Lee Seung Gi revealed a unique text from a fan.


AA Aura dinosaur look-alike 'Cute Kimchi is a plus'

Buzz 12.15.11 | 04:36AM EST

AA Aura and Kimchi posted a picture they took together.


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