Korean Restaurant in New York

Daeji Daeji Korean BBQ in Flushing New York

Daeji Daeji: Go-To Restaurant in Flushing, New York for Authentic, Unique Korean Foods and Friendly Service

Reviews 02.23.17 | 12:46PM EST

Daeji Daeji was definitely one of my favorites not only because of its traditional Korean food, but also because of the kind, friendly service.

Daeji Daeji Korean BBQ Restaurant in Flushing New York

Daeji Daeji

YPcategory 01.05.17 | 09:35AM EST

Come check out our fresh korean BBQ and get a taste of Korean culture today!

Best Korean Chinese Restaurant in Flushing New York Sam Won Gahk


YPcategory 11.24.16 | 03:47PM EST

Modest place for traditional Korean-Chinese fare such as jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce).


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