Last Dance

Big Bang

Bigbang's 'Last Dance' On Inkigayo Was Epic For Their Last Stage Before TOP's Leaving

Hot Issues 01.17.17 | 08:15AM EST

Bigbang last stage was on Inkigayo singing "Last Dance". The stage was decorated with white flowers and it was the last stage they got together as 5 before TOP's leaving for the army.


BIGBANG's New Album 'MADE' dominates local and international charts, number 1 in 19 other countries!

Headlines 12.14.16 | 04:28PM EST

With the release of their newest album "MADE", BIGBANG once again prove that they still rule over K-Pop.

[Song and MV Review] Big Bang 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance'

[Song and MV Review] Big Bang 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance'

Reviews 12.13.16 | 03:33AM EST

A review of Big Bang's music video and songs 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance' in their latest "MADE" the full album.


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