Lee Beom Soo

Lee Beom Soo And Rain Turns Down 'X-Men' Movie Role Offer For Korean Bio Film

Lee Beom Soo And Rain Turn Down 'X-Men' Movie Role Offer For Korean Bio Film

Hot Issues 06.08.17 | 07:10AM EDT

Lee Beom Soo has just turned down a role from an upcoming "X-Men" movie. Find out more about it here.

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun

K-Drama Couples Who Overcame A Big Age Difference

Stars on TV / Movies 02.17.14 | 11:19AM EST

These successful k-drama couples have overcome a significant age difference.

Will Empress Ki Reach 30 Percent?

K-Drama 02.05.14 | 11:33AM EST

The ratings for the historical drama keep inching higher.

Song Seung Hoon, Lee Beom Soo and Im Si Wan Become Brothers

Stars on TV / Movies 01.30.14 | 02:07PM EST

The actors will play brothers who were separated when they were young.

Yoona and Lee Beom Soo

Do Yoona and Lee Beom Soo Have Any Romantic Chemistry?

Stars on TV / Movies 12.11.13 | 01:12PM EST

They like each other. They work well together, but do you buy them as a couple?


Yoona Draws On Her Own Experiences To Play Paparazzi

Stars on TV / Movies 12.08.13 | 02:47PM EST

In her new drama she plays a dedicated and sometimes unethical reporter.

Lee Beom Soo

Five Fun Facts About Lee Beom Soo

Stars on TV / Movies 11.27.13 | 12:48PM EST

Lee Beom Soo is juggling a drama, "The Prime Minister and I" and a film, "God's Trick."


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