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Bryan Cranston Will Play Lex Luthor in 'Man of Steel’; Can He Cook Up Something Worse Than Meth As This Super Villain? Will This Stereotype Him?

Trending News 08.27.13 | 01:49PM EDT

Bryan Cranston’s Lex Luthor will be bad. An evil super-villain whose deeds are so appalling it will take Superman AND Batman to bring down. And that’s just in the credits. After five years of playing one of the most realistic villains in TV history on Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston is a superstar’s super-villain. The “Breaking Bad” star signed a multi-film deal to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming blockbuster guarantee, “Man of Steel.”

Ben Affleck to Play Batman in 'Man of Steel' Sequel; First Superman Batman Teaming; This is No `Daredevil’; Affleck Also Played `Superman' Actor

Trending News 08.23.13 | 10:07AM EDT

Ben Affleck to play Batman against Henry Cavill’s Superman in the sequel to “Man of Steel” which is slated to hit theaters in 2015.This is the first time Superman Batman have been linked on screen.

Man Of Steel 2 Cast Rumors: Bryan Cranston, Josh Brolin, And Did Christian Bale Reject $50 Million By Warner Bros.?

Trending News 08.14.13 | 11:09AM EDT

As Man of Steel 2 goes into its search for the cast, rumors are surfacing regarding Bryan Cranston, Josh Brolin, and Christian Bale continues to be the sought after by Warner Bros.

Cue the Man of Steel Trailer Music, `Man of Steel’ Sequel Already in Motion

Trending News 06.12.13 | 09:42PM EDT

Warner Bros. launched production on a sequel to “Man of Steel” faster than a speeding bullet. “Man of Steel” opened, no, it hasn’t even opened yet. And Warner Brothers has already started the sequel.


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