Girl’s day Minah casts in ' Absolute Boyfriend'.

Hot Issues 06.02.18 | 11:46AM EDT

Girl’s Day agency DreamTEntertainment announced that Minah will be casted in 'Absolute Guy' and will cooperate with Jong Hyun Hong and Jingoo Yeo.


Girl's Day's Minah Hilarious Starcraft Videos Resurface & Gain Attention

Hot Issues 06.19.17 | 08:00AM EDT

Girl's Day's Minah Hilarious Starcraft Videos Gain Attention

Seven idols with unique solo concepts.

Seven Idols Who Had Unique Solo Concepts

Hot Issues 05.12.17 | 12:06PM EDT

Among idols who did solo, seven of them had unique concepts. Take a look at the list here!

Girl's Day

Girl’s Day Shared Cringeworthy Drunk Stories On tvN’s ‘Life Bar’

Stars on TV / Movies 04.17.17 | 11:31AM EDT

Hyeri, Yura, Minah and Sojin are gathered to share their embarrassing drunk stories that no one ever heard of.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day's Hyeri 'Gives Her All' When She Loves: Hyeri Winning The Lottery on 'New Yang Nam Show' Was Just A Prank!

Buzz 04.13.17 | 08:51PM EDT

Hyeri of Girl's Day revealed that she is the type of girlfriend that gives all of her love on tvN's "Life Bar" episode: Hyeri winning lottery on "New Yan Nam Show" was just a prank!

Girl's Day on 'Taxi'

Girl's Day Members Argue On Who's Wealthiest on TvN's 'Taxi' [WATCH]

Trending News 04.03.17 | 01:42PM EDT

Girl's Day recently appeared on tvN's 'Taxi' and started arguing on whoever is the wealthiest among them.

Girl's Day

Girl’s Day Shared Heartbreaking Road To Fame Stories On ‘Taxi’

Hot Issues 03.30.17 | 11:03AM EDT

Sojin, Hyeri, Minah and Yura were recently featured on variety show "Taxi." The girls shared some heartbreaking stories about their family and bitter struggle as a trainee.

Girl's  pictorial with Allure magazine.

It's an all Girl's Day Out via Allure magazine:1960's fashion on the loose

Fashion & Style 12.25.16 | 08:16PM EST

The Girl's group took fashion back to the 1960's in a pictorial with Allure magazine just recently. Fashion icons Bridget Bardot, Twiggy, Amy Winehouse and the hippies surfaced anew.


Female idols with and without makeup

Fashion & Style 12.23.16 | 01:51AM EST

Following is the list of few female idols who look quite different when they take out their makeup.

Girl's Day comeback postponed

Girl’s Day pushes comeback to January 2017

Fashion & Style 11.28.16 | 03:27AM EST

Girl's Day has once again pushed their comeback. This time, the members said they might comeback next year.


GIrl's Day Minah performs for the Korean armys!

Trendz 09.29.15 | 05:28AM EDT

GIrl's Day Minah performs for the Korean armys!

Girl's Day Minah at a Press Conference for Samsung Web Drama 'The Best Future'

Girl's Day Singer Minah Confirmed For Upcoming MBC Drama 'Sweet Family'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.18.15 | 08:49AM EDT

The show will follow the run of upcoming rom-com "She Was Pretty."


Girl's Day's Minah Shares A Photo Of Her New Hairstyle On Instagram

Buzz 09.01.15 | 01:29AM EDT

Girl group Girl's Day's member Minah updated her fans with a picture.


Affordable Beauty: 3 Must-Have Fragrances From Beauty Pictorials

Fashion & Style 08.15.15 | 06:10AM EDT

Grazia recently chose the must-have perfumes for summer. The list included three popular fragrances that have been flaunted by K-pop idols and actresses non-stop in beauty pictorials for the past three months.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day To Focus On Individual Activites As Group Wraps Up 'Ring My Bell' Promotions

Headlines 07.26.15 | 12:22PM EDT

The four members will focus on solo projects in the coming months.

Girl's Day Minah Marie Claire Magazine August 2015 Photoshoot

Minah Is A Refined Business Woman In Marie Claire

Fashion & Style 07.22.15 | 10:27AM EDT

Girl's Day's Minah transformed into a refined business woman always on the move in the August issue of Marie Claire. For all of her looks, Minah accessorized with Samsonite Red backpacks, clutches and shoulder bags.

Girl's Day 'Ring My Bell'

Girl's Day Release Music Video For 'Ring My Bell'

Headlines 07.07.15 | 08:36AM EDT

The Korean girl group is the latest act to release a new track in hopes of becoming the song of the summer.

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