Kim Dong Ryul releases MV for ‘How I Am’ Featuring Gong Yoo

Trendz 10.02.14 | 08:07AM EDT

Kim Dong Ryul releases MV for ‘How I Am’ Featuring Gong Yoo

Super Junior Event on Mamacita MV Views

Trendz 10.02.14 | 08:02AM EDT

Super Junior Event on Mamacita MV Views


OKCAT Looks Cute In Dancing 2PM's "Go Crazy"

Trendz 10.01.14 | 08:40AM EDT

Taecyeon's OKCAT mascot dances with 2PM's "Go Crazy"

SM Entertainment releases the full 10-minute MV of Zhang Liyin's new digital singles

Trendz 09.30.14 | 12:13PM EDT

SM Entertainment releases the full 10-minute MV of Zhang Liyin's new digital singles


BTOB Behind The Scenes Of " "You're So Fly"

Trendz 09.30.14 | 08:32AM EDT

Kpop boy group BTOB takes fans on their behind the scene MV for "You're So Fly"

BTOB "You're so Fly" MV Released

Trendz 09.29.14 | 12:06PM EDT

BTOB "You're so Fly" MV Released

ZPZG "Go Crazy" MV Released

Trendz 09.26.14 | 01:57PM EDT

ZPZG "Go Crazy" MV Released


Crayon Pop Sings OST For " High School: Love On"

Trendz 09.26.14 | 08:33AM EDT

Kpop girl group Crayon Pop lend their voice for Korean love drama "High School: Love On"


ZPZG Full MV Of Their Track "Go Crazy"

Trendz 09.26.14 | 08:31AM EDT

ZPZG made their debut with their single "Go Crazy"


Changmin and Goo Hye Sun Stars On BeatBurger's "She So High" MV

Trendz 09.26.14 | 08:29AM EDT

BeatBurger song "She So High" is about longing for unfulfilled love, the MV brings out a good chemistry between Changmin and actress Goo Hye Sun


Mellow love songs released by SoulStar "Happy Ending"

Trendz 09.26.14 | 08:24AM EDT

SoulStar release a song that talks about starting over a relationship and how both can wish for a "Happy Ending"

Soyu and Urban Zapaka

Soyu and Urban Zapaka Collaboration MV " The Space Between"

Trendz 09.26.14 | 08:22AM EDT

SISTAR's Soyu and Urban Zapaka collaborates for a sultry song, a MV released for "The Space Between"


MV Teaser of BTOB's "You're So Fly"

Trendz 09.24.14 | 09:02AM EDT

Kpop boy group BTOB release a comical MV for "You're So Fly"


SECRET's Ji Eun Made Her Solo Comeback With MV" Don't Look At Me Like That"

Trendz 09.24.14 | 08:42AM EDT

Looking gorgeous with her mysterious MV along with masquerade concept

Lena Park

Park Jung Hyun aka Lena Park Release 2nd Collaboration Project "Syncrofusion"

Trendz 09.23.14 | 09:49AM EDT

Multi hip hop collaboration from Lena Park with Hanhae


TROY Comeback With Fresh MV" Why Are We"

Trendz 09.23.14 | 09:42AM EDT

Hip Hop group TROY made their second single comeback with "Why Are We" MV


Clazziquai Release Another MV Track "Call Me Back"

Trendz 09.23.14 | 09:38AM EDT

Fans of Classiquai be ready for another track from their album "Blink"


Newest Girl Group MINX Made Debut With Their Song"Why Did You Come To My Home"

Trendz 09.19.14 | 08:49AM EDT

Rookie girl group and sister group of Dal Shabet's MINX already made their debut MV


NASTY NASTY's Kevin Showed His "Urban Moves"

Trendz 09.19.14 | 08:33AM EDT

Kevin looks cool showing his "Urban Moves" MV

NS YOON-G and Giriboy

Duet Between Giriboy and NS Yoon-G For MV Of "Fluttering Feelings"

Trendz 09.19.14 | 08:27AM EDT

NS Yoon-G and Giriboy collaboration for digital single "Fluttering Feelings"


'Best Drops Ever' gets the music video it deserves

Trendz 09.18.14 | 10:45AM EDT

If you see this dude DJing, run.

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